Sunday, February 5, 2017

Saturated with KIds and on to The New Year!

What a delight to be with our kids and grandkids all but about 5 days from December 6-January 6th!

After arriving home from Phoenix to the aftermath of an incredible Christmas snowstorm in Salt Lake City, we picked up the Pothiers early the next morning and then sent them off for a visit while and dashed out to Ogden to see the Loosli family's exciting Christmas gifts and enjoy another round of Eggs Benedict! What a terrific bunch!

By then we were tickled to see the "appendicitis victim" already up on a skateboard that he got for Christmas.You can't keep a good man down!

We also joined their delightful breakfast of....Eggs Benedict...the family favorite for Christmas.

Within hours they were on their way to Ashton, Idaho where Jared's mom and lots of family members were gathering and we headed back to the house to meet the Pothiers who arrived to pick out their new puppy in Salt Lake, which was the star of all Christmas presents this year! This is the adorable new "child" that they showed the kids on the TV on Christmas morning. It was the biggest surprise Christmas present of all time!  We were thrilled because we are dog people!  But our traveling kids are not! Is this baby cute enough?

This is the one they chose from a litter eight. Since it was a girl everyone deferred to Dave to decide on a name. And here she is...Miss Bo Jangles:

We had a ball with this family for a few days. Some went skiing, some went sleigh riding, some went shopping but all in all, we had a fabulous time!

Five hours before they left, Noah and Kristi arrived!  It's pretty amazing that they now have SIX children! The only thing more exciting than a new puppy is a new baby! We were pretty excited about having Baby Faith in our home and the Pothiers were over the moon to meet her for the first time!

The IWAN Mother was the first to hold that little gal. Accorning to Shawni and I there's nothing in this world like the smell of a new baby and the feeling of those little short breaths on your neck!

Of course, the girls were over the moon too!

Within hours we sent them off and settled in with the Noah and Kristi family!

The treasure chest opening with Grandfather at the helm is always a main attraction for these little ones. Interesting, the difference in the entertainment level of the teenagers these two families!

Every year as most of the world celebrates New Year's Eve, we celebrate Jared's Birthday. The Looslis arrived back in time to celebrate that night with a Jazz game and lot of fun and games and food at the condo. We love that Jared!

The new year started with these cuties helped me to figure out my new Tiles that our adult kids gave me for Christmas so that I could can find my purses, my computer and my phone. I have a big problem with that!

I caught these two on the computer when, according to the wishes of their parents, they weren't supposed to be. Those guys LOVE the computer!

And this oldest brother keeps us thinking and laughing! 
He was often diligently practicing his lines in a play that was going to be performed the day after they got home in which he had been selected to be George Washington! 
And much to everyone's snowed and snowed and snowed and the cold came along with it! 

We had so much fun with this crew but after eight days, they flew back home. We were amazed at Noah and Kristi's amazing patience and ability to handle this crew of little critters with such ease! Luckily it wasn't long before we saw Noah again because he and Eli came back for the annual Imagine Learning meeting in Provo so we had some precious time with them a couple of times during the week. Eli came early to ski and stayed for a Jazz game on the last day of their conference and took a red-eye home. Noah headed straight for the airport to get back and help Kristi with that big crew of little children. 
And, after a week of catching up and finishing lots of commitments, we....were ready to take off for our next adventure. England and Switzerland, here we come!!! 


Anonymous said...

You should really have someone proofread your posts.

Linda said...

Sorry Maria! No time to get everything perfect! If this really bothers you, maybe you should just stop reading this blog!

Aly said...

Love your blog! Keep writing!

Shauna said...

I am sorry that people feel the need to make rude comments you blog and your kid's blogs. I appreciate all you share and keep writing just the way it is.