Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Week to Remember!


We will be very glad when this voucher election is over on Tuesday! Dad has kind of been having fun at the debates though because he is a born debater! We think we're going to lose big time at the polls (which we assumed all along) because the UEA are really well organized and will get out their vote. Someone after the last debate said that she went to the UEA Convention last weekend and there was no teacher training or talk about kids or education, just ways to defeat the Referendem and organization to get out the vote. BUT we have a least had some help from the Governor, Mitt Romney, Orrin Hatch etc. and Larry Miller even bought an entire page ad in the Tribune and Deseret News today supporting vouchers but I don't think it's going to be enough to pull this out. We were down 15% in the polls last week.

We have received some pretty spicy emails but that's just part of the darn political process. Several have insisted we were only in it for the money, and one said that she was throwing away all our books. Funny, funny people! The funniest one was a little old lady who wrote to the committee after she first saw the cookie an and said, "What are those people thinking? There were a LOT more than 30 checkers on that table...or dominoes...or black people....or whatever they were!" It was worth the whole thing for just that one comment!

Tonight we had a BIG surprise when we heard the doorbell ring at about 5:00 and it was Ashton, Isaac and Eliza grinning from ear to ear! The twins and parents followed and we had a fun hour with the Looslis who had come for Aaron and Michelle's baby blessing and were on their way home. The twins got the energy going around here and it was so fun to visit for a few minutes before they took off for the dark at 6 o'clock. Wow, going off daylight saving's time lets us wake up to light in the morning but it sure gets dark early. We're only 7 weeks away from the shortest day of the year...and Christmas...and then it's Charity's farewell. I am looking forward to the dream of having all our kids in the prayer circle at the temple and am hoping we can do that on that last weekend of December just before the farewell. We've got to figure out how to make that happen!

I better go read my book of Mormon. Without a flight this week, I'm 35 pages behind. I love having a deadline though. I'll be caught up by midnight! Chris and Hedy came for a while yesterday after the NAC at BYU to see the house and hang out until their plane left at about 5 o'clock yesterday. They're always fun to talk to!

Eli and his friends are definately the best things going for us at the house. The ceiling is really looking spectacular! Other that that we have the normal disasters...Patrick's tarp leaked where he had set up a water saw to do the marble on the Great Room fireplace and the raw bamboo is warped underneath. We left a fan on it over the weekend and hope it lays down in time to sand next week. They say they are sanding floors upstairs tomorrow. Patrick is plugging along on the kiddie spa and the master bath but it seems forever since he started. The upstairs fireplace is done and they're about half done with the backsplash in the kitchen. It seems that it takes forever for every little job. Still no plumber, no gas and a few electrical issues, tons of casing to do before the floors on the main floor get sanded next week..hopefully. Beadboard and casing in the pantry still needs a carpenter. People just keep flaking out! How can it be this hard? The guy who is doing the floors and guarantees to have them done by Thanksgiving also is doing the glass backsplashes which he said he's have done in one day on Friday and they're still not done so who knows? WHATEVER!

Sure loved seeing all those adorable kids in Halloween costumes!!! I've got to find time to have them printed for the fridge...and to send out belated birthday cards. Aja, Noah and Lucy, I haven't forgotten you! Charity is babysitting at the Pothiers and we can't wait to hear the exciting details of that and of the very fun and cold camping trip that Tal organized for Noah's birthday to the Catskills on Friday. Noah, Kristi, McKay, Tal and Sarah apparently had a weekend to remember!
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charity eyre wright said...

I totally read the blog. I'm sure most of us do. Shawni is just the only one who leaves comments because she is nice like that.
Sounds like a fun week. I'm worried that everyone in Utah thinks my dad is the devil reincarnate with the voucher stuff. Why would he be in it for the wrong reasons? That makes no sense!
Let me know about Dec 7-8 for the temple. Can't wait! Things are crazy here at the Pothier house! I'll talk to you soon!

Eli said...

ya mom. everyone is most likely reading it, they just haven't commented. i don't get that many comments on my blog either. so no worries. we all love reading your take on the world. love you, eli

A and J said...

We always read the blog too. We just need to be better about commenting. Glad to find out where the Looslis were this weekend!
See you soon.

eyre blog said...

That picture of dad in the background rules.