Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun Weekend!

2008-04-06 2008-04-shower and conference 045 2008-04-05 2008-04-shower and conference 039 WOW! Did we have a fun weekend! Saren and Jared and family, Jonah and
Aja and family, Julie and Eli, Chris, Grandma and Kevan, Adam Lawyer and
their two beautiful teen-aged daughter all came for the weekend. Some
for a shower for Eli and Julie at Lenna's and all for conference!!! We
had so much fun! The kids did horse shows and chipmunk shows for us,
Jonah and Aja stayed up that the new house with the kids. Ana and Cam
slept in the mattress box, just for fun. Why didn't I take a picture?
Anyway, lots of fun, lots of food, lots of enjoying conference two
tickets at a time downtown and on two TVs here. Julie, Saren and I got
to go to the amazing Sunday afternoon session and loved basking in the
spirit of that building and all that goes with it! President Monson was
spectacular. How blessed we are to have a new, enthusiastic, loving
prophet to follow our beloved President Hinckley! I loved Sister
Tanners talk about "Delight" because I am feel so much delight and
rejoicing in our lives right now. Of course there are always hard
things...really hard the concrete that Jonah had blown
into the dirt to hold the hill up has now also cracked. He's slogging it
out every day! Sometimes the overall effect of fasting takes a while!
It was so fun to see grandma, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews and
friends and enjoy Lenna's beautiful new home and generosity for the
shower, as usual! This morning it is also SNOWING as usual! Should
snow for the next five days! More pics coming in the next email.
Hope you all had a fabulous conference weekend! What were your favorite
talks and your best aha moments?

2008-04-05 2008-04-shower and conference 035 2008-04-05 2008-04-shower and conference 031

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