Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend in Toronto...Chris and Hedy's Mission

We're in Toronto trying to figure out where Chris and Hedy will live and
work. We're at a place called The Old Mill that is an absolutely
fabulous place built hundreds of years ago, burned down and rebuilt 90
years ago. We're feeling pretty spoiled but next week we're doing an EO
meeting at Winnepeg and we'll be staying at a Holiday Inn Express so
that will keep us grounded! It's cold but at least most of the snow has
gone. We got 5 inches on Saturday in SL and another couple last night.
We'll never be able to get into that house for the reception without a
snow plow! The Canadian dollar is worth less than the US dollar so we
won't be doing much shopping! Our event is tomorrow night and then
we'll be home on Friday night for the weekend. Chris, Kevan and Rawlin
are coming to the house to interview and record Grandma Ruthie on
Friday. Lovely Lenna is having a shower at her house for Julie and Eli
on Saturday between sessions. We're getting the flowers arranged with
Lindsay and we're talking food with Lori Tolbert on Monday. Things are
moving along. Next week is the big week to send out the invitations and
then we'll be off again until the end of the month except for a couple
of days here and there.
The pig is progressing with the normal disasters every day...but
actually it's going to be pretty cute! We have a great painter. Wish
we'd had him on the big house!
The other day I thought of the perfect name for the new house...although
I don't think the chances of changing from BCRANK is too likely. But
it's good one: BALIWOOD!
We're dying to get word from Charity today. We hope that Jean was
baptized on Saturday! We're also anxiously awaiting a picture in large
format that we can turn into a "Sister Poster" for the wedding!
OKAY THIS IS THE QUESTION: We are thinking that the reunion is set as
outlined last week which means that after the reunion we'll have MFME
and then the rest of that week at the house with as many as can stay for
the reunion in Star Valley probably on August 2nd although I haven't
heard for sure on that. How many of you think you can stay that
long? If so, we'll want to take the ones who can stay to the reunion on
Saturday. I know the working guys will all be gone. Noah called to ask
if they could possibly have his missionary friends come for that
weekend. I'm wondering if the ones who can stay would be okay with
staying up at the lighthouse or over at the tennis house for a night.
One other issue is that the Carvers will probably stop on their way up
to the reunion if it's that weekend and possibly stay overnight on
Friday. Noah, if that happens how would you feel about having your
friends come just Saturday and Sunday? I'll call VerNon who is setting
up the reunion to see if August 2 is the date they've decided on for
sure before we go any further.
We need to know what others of you might be thinking about having
friends. Although we love having them, it got pretty crazy last summer
by the end. I would say having friends come for an overnight might work
toward the first of the month. Let us know what you're thinking. Could
everybody give their arrival and departure dates as close as you can? I
think that Saydi and Shawni are coming after the 1st week of July but I
haven't heard any other commitments for sure. I know that Noah and
Kristi can't be there until the reunion starts...if we're lucky and that
Josh,Tal and Dave will have to go back right after the reunion.
Hopefully Eli and Julie can stay for two more days to get Julie to the
MFME if Eli's boss can let him stay. Others I just don't know. Let's
get it on a spread sheet okay?

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