Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amazing Asian Infrastructure

Before we leave the topic of Bangkok, we need to post some pictures of some of the most amazing infrastructure in Asia!  This grand Hyatt is one of the grandest on Earth.  It is a truly amazing building taken over several years ago and made into something wonderful!


2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4133

Just outside the door is the central Shrine for one of the Buddhist sects.  90% of Thailand is Buddhist:

2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4140Just outside the door also are shiesters (spelling not in the dictionary) who run scams every day. This woman was the second one who told us about a big government products sale that we shouldn't miss.  She just ran onto us on the sidewalk and started asking questions about where we'd like to go in Bangkok.  We were on our way to shopping for gifts anyway so she kindly told us exactly where to go to buy Thai gems and silk at greatly reduced prices. She showed us her sapphire ring and then put us in a little tuk tuk to get in on the "big sale".  This picture was taken just as we stepped into our "transportation" which magically appeared out of nowhere and took us to a jewelry and Thai silk store that was totally deserted except for us. 2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4142 You know dad and gems.  He thought it would be good to get some of his money in something solid before it toally disappears in the market so we bought a 1.1 caret ruby ring with two little diamonds on each side set in a gold band.  It's really pretty (I never would have bought gold but dad insisted that it's coming back plus the stones were better than any of the others).  I need Eli here to show me how to take pictures of rings but this will give you an idea...except that the stone really is the same color as my car!


2008-11-15 ruby ring 4243

2008-11-15 ruby ring 4245 As soon as they offered us a ride anywhere we wanted to go after we bought the ring, Dad started thinking we had paid too much.   When we got back to the hotel, the concierge told us that those people are out there 24/7 looking for people who look like tourists to scam.  Dad thought it was hilarious.  We do think that it's a real ruby but how much it's actually worth is something we'll have to ask Curtis Bennett about when we get home!  FUNNY!

The next morning we left from the amazing Bangkok airport which is the most amazing airport on earth to the Kuala Lumpur airport which runs a close second.  The infrastructure of these developing nations is nothing less than spectacular!

2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4158

2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4159 The king and queen are everywhere, especially the airport!

2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4162 Here's an enormous statue a bevy of men carrying a giant three-headed snake!  

2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4167 2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4168

From Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur! 2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4170

The their Twin Towers!  (Muslim design)

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4174

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4179 Independence Square where Malaysia declared independence from from Britain in 1957.

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4195

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4197


Relaxing before we start:2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4206 

Here we are in the forest above Kuala Lumpur where we are doing workshops for 2 1/2 days with 12 YPO families.

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4208 2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4217

Enjoying great food, including fish head curry on a banana leaf!  Complete with wonderful condiments!

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4216 2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4214 Our electronic technician on a cell phone.

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4222 

Smart YPO members put their kids in charge of the event.  Here are two eighteen year olds who have planned and executed the whole thing. They are so cute and very capable!

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4230 


2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4226 The families are staying in these ultra big tents! 

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4228 We got a room at the top of the path!  Whew!


Dad's getting pretty relaxed here toward the end. Presenting with yellow toenails and his beloved hat (you'll be glad that the toenails don't show up in the picture)!2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4213

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4227 Gorgeous forest complete with monkeys!

We're starting to count days on getting to cuddle that little Emmeline Rose.  Another day and a half of workshops here, then an event at a school in Kuala Lumpur and we'll be on our way!


Jonah and Aja said...

what an adventure. even i am starting to get tired thinking a about all that emotional work of being with all of those families. that lady that got dad sounds like she was perfectly in the right place at the right time. i am going to try to sell the house today while aja is gone canyoneering.

Shawni said...

Mom I'm so glad that you take pictures of the food and the architecture. It makes me feel more like I'm there wiht you and I love that. LOVE it. Now I just have to figure out how to get to all those places. Sure love you.