Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sweet Baby Emmeline Rose Eyre Shumway

Well here we are with this sweet little baby!  She is just so good!  She has already lost the baby glazed-over look and seems to really focus on people who talk to her!  When I first picked her up she just looked at me as if to say, "There you are!  Where have you been?"  She is a delight to her parents and Hazel and Charlie are taking great care of her too!  They are gentle and loving.  Charlie with his magnificent vocabulary handles her with ease as does Hazel with her mature thinking skills.  We are having so much fun!

2008-11-23 Shumways 4353

2008-11-23 Shumways 4298 

2008-11-23 Shumways 4340

2008-11-23 Shumways 4289

2008-11-23 Shumways 4367

2008-11-23 Shumways 4363

 2008-11-23 Shumways 4321

These two pictures are Charity!  This is the Laura Ashley coat that she wore when she was four!  Hazel looks adorable in it!  Don't worry Charity, Saydi will save it for your little girls too!  It's a classic!

Is she adorable or what???


2008-11-23 Shumways 4322 

So all of Jeff's hard work paid off when they hauled in the new countertop for the Island that he just installed. It is just fabulous!  It gives them twice as much counter space and looks so great with their black and white backsplash tile.  The New York guys will be seeing it this weekend.  For the rest of you, here you go:

2008-11-23 Shumways 4408


2008-11-23 Shumways 4412  It is REALLY hard to get Saydi to take a nap..but sleep deprived as she is, she still manages to have friends and work associates here every other minute, and send out all those Thanksgiving cards.  Jeff has been so great too. He is truly a champion!  Just released as the Elder's Quorum President, he taught his first Sunday School lesson to the Valiant B's today.  Sure wish I could have been in his class when I was that age. 

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