Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emmeline Rose Eyre Shumway!

Well the most important family event since Lyla's birth on June 30, occurred on November 9th!  Little Emmeline Rose Eyre Shumway shot into the world after 1 hour and 50 minutes of serious labor!  We of course are in Singapore and are sad that we aren't there but overjoyed that she has arrived safely, that Saydi and Jeff made it to the Birthing Center in time and that there was a great team of helpers there to help that baby pop into the world safely!

emmelines birth-3960


Mom and Dad are thrilled!

emmelines birth-3935

Despite a few loud shout-outs to us here in Singapore she has been calm and perfect!


emmelines birth-4034 

Hazel is the proud sister of the world

Hazel and Emmeline

and Charlie is pretty excited too!

charlie and Emmeline Although he's doesn't look too sure, as Julie says, that he's ready for the new "reign".

The Shumway Family

Saydi, did you secretly color co-ordinate this picture?  Jeff"  You're the one who brought them! Good work!

Does Saydi look radiant or what?  What a woman!  Saydi, as Aja pointed out, you would have made a fabulous pioneer! 

Here's just one last look at Baby Emmeline Rose on her Zero birthday (note that she is home already)! Saydi you look ecstatic and exceedingly beautiful!


Emmeline O  and Saydi

Who in the heck made this cake?  You guys are amazing!

All of Eyrealm is so excited to meet you Emmeline...but especially your Grammie (well and Grandfather)!  See you in 8 days! 

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