Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Name a Day in Bali

Here's another great memory from Dad of our good time in Bali

What a day was yesterday!
I like to name each day when it is over, as you know, and yesterday
needed a long name.
It was "Diving, Culture, Art, Cuisine, and Friendship."
Diving was at the islands southeast, from an outrigger boat with bread
for reef fish and mom watching from her snorkle.
Culture was going to the gamalon band and contumed celebration of the
teeth filing of four youth and the cremation of one uncle.
Art (which is everywhere in Bali) was buying a pair of carved limestone
palace dogs and a 6-animal patio vase.
Cuisine was eating the 6 course meal at Mosaic, the finest restaurant in
this culinary mecca.
Friendship was Dana, our driver friend whose Buddhist soul is so gentle
and genuine.
Someday we need to all physically spend a week here together,
In the meantime, we will be together spiritually, as we always are,
That what you do there (and the sharing of it) is part of a common whole,
As is all that we do here,
And that at night when we pray, we are all together and in each other's

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