Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Thanksgiving for Children and Grandchildren

Wow, how lucky am I?  I got to spend Thanksgiving with so many of the people I love!  On Wednesday night the New York crowd drove for many hours to join us at the Shumways in Boston.  How fun it was to see all those great people including Lyla who has grown like a weed and can even do the trick!  How adorable is she?

2008-11-26 Shumways and visitors 4436

McKay is talking up a storm and we also got to meet Tal's new girlfriend Anita who is a delightful person.  Having all those children and grandchildren gathered into that warm and lovely Shumway home was just about as close as you can get to heaven!

 2008-11-26 Shumways and visitors 4440 

Then I got to get on a plane early the next morning back home to Utah via Phoenix.  Although my plane got diverted to Tucson because of freaky fog in Phoenix so I missed my flight but only had to wait for about three hours to get home.  I was so excited to see dad after a being without him for a week. He picked me up at the airport and wisked me off to the Carvers when he had just had dinner and where they had a delicious plate of Thanksgiving dinner ready for me.  It was great to be home after eight weeks of being on the road!

The Loosli family joined us that night at Baliwood and then the next day Saren helped me shop and prepare a nice Thanksgiving dinner for Grandma Ruthie and all her family members in the area. We had twenty adults, two babies and the five Loosli kids.  It was so great to see them all together.  Rawlin and Karen have been out of town for the last two family gatherings so it was especially good to see them and Jake, Elizabeth, Patrick, Lana and her little niece. 

All twenty at the same table! 2008-11-28 Shumways and visitors 4450


2008-11-28 Shumways and visitors 4452

2008-11-28 Shumways and visitors 4456

 2008-11-28 Shumways and visitors 4459


2008-11-30 Shumways and visitors 4467 Squealing grandchildren at the feet of grandfather. A great time was had by all!

We missed those who weren't there but hope to get you all at Christmas...which is coming like the tide!  So much to little time! 

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brittanimae said...

That looks like quite the fancy Thanksgiving feast you had--what fun!! We're sad to miss the Christmas celebrations too--you're sure to have a wonderful time. We'll be thinking of you!