Friday, February 6, 2009

Poor old JB Mopeltel!

We're finally getting around to fixing up poor old JB who has been sadly neglected for many years.  The leak in the kitchen finally got bad enough that we called in our expert, Eric and his friend Gustavo who actually had to tear out about a fourth of the ceiling to figure out where it was coming from. It was a pretty cold night in Salt Lake this night and a lot of heat ascended to heaven but just as they were about to cover it back up until spring the next day, the snow on the roof started melting again and wallah...they found the leak!  It's covered with plastic now and we hope that the sheetrock is back in and that some of the walls are painted.  We're in Phoenix, waiting for a flight home and wondering what it'll look like when we get there!

2009-02-03 2009- 02-06 4838


2009-02-03 2009- 02-06 4839 

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Shawni said...

I'm so glad they found the leak! It's one crisis after another with that house, huh? Love you Mom.