Friday, November 27, 2009


What fun we had yesterday on Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful eclectic and International group which made it so fun!

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9839

It was so fun to have the Minorites (sp) from Ghana, the Edlers from Layton, the Lopez family, Rawlin and Karen and their kids plus Lonna, Kevan and Grandma and Josh and Charity! 

Looks as though Grandma is really concentrating on what to have below!

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9838

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9841

Here are Rennie, Charity, Elizabeth, Brady and Howie.

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9842

Leo and sweet Michelle…our only child!

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9843

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9844

Eric saves our lives weekly! 

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9848

We love this great Edler Family! 

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9850

We had some fun with music…yes that’s Howie on the Cello.  He’s really good!


2009-11-26 Thanksgiving 9851

Rapt audience!

After that we went into Park City for a perfect Thanksgiving movie “The Blind Side”  Everyone should see this movie.  Great story! 

On the way back to Kimball Junction as we were taking the Edlers home we had quite an exciting night. First there were fireworks over by McDonalds. Don’t know why! Then we got pulled over by a really nice little policeman for expired license plates on the Land Rover and after our struggle to find the necessary papers, he went back to his car, waited for five minutes and came back to give us a warning!  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hope everyone had a great one!  We love the blogs. Send more!  We are so grateful for our bounteous blessings!  Our list this year was over 1100….thanks to Charity’s gathering ability!

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