Thursday, November 19, 2009

USU and Arella

This week we had so much fun visiting our alma mater Utah State University!  Dad and I (I have had a very small part in it) have started an initiative up there with the Family Life Department that has become a dream come true!  Last year, with some funding from us, they started a class called Work/Family Balance that teaches students when they are most impressionable the importance of balancing their work with their families.  They are given full credit for a undergrad requirements and this year they have 250 really bright students ready to learn. There are three teachers who are just finishing a textbook for the class based on our books and of course their own expertise, which is extensive. One teaches family relations, one teaches balance and one teaches finance.  The dean and the head of the department have been a delight to work with. Anyway we had the lovely opportunity of speaking to that class as well as a large finance class of about 500 about “the family band”. FUN! Charity, Grandma and Sheri came along and it was great to have them as well. 

I can’t believe that in all that the only thing I thought to take a picture of was a tree and a long distance blurry picture of the temple on a simply spectacular frigid day with lots of gorgeous clouds in Logan.

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 001


2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 003

On Tuesday night we went to a lovely dinner at the Lowe’s (our darling new ward members who own the entire penthouse at 910 Donner Way.  So many interesting people there including the wonderful man who started the Sundance Film Festival, Sheri Dew and Whitney Johnson, whose blog Saydi and Saren have written for….Dare to Dream…I think.  It was really an interesting evening where we learned that 400,000 people have logged on to BYUTV online in China.  No advertising…just word of mouth. It’s quite an amazing unthreatening way to show people “the good in the world” right in the comfort of their own homes.  Forgot to take pictures there too. 

Today I spent the afternoon with the great Carver Family.  First we ate at Tonyburgers when they had just aired a great review on that fun new place Channel 4 at noon.  I don’t know if it was that or not, but by 12:30 there were people in line all the way out the door!  It was soooo good. They are doing great.  Nick, not so good!  Poor guys is really being yanked around. More on that later. 

Then we went over to the great Arella Pizzeria…due to open next week.  As usual, the Carvers have pulled together (most especially Lindsay and Clark, Brad and Jessica) with a cheering squad by Chris and Nickie and the rest of the gang.  It is going to be spectacular!  Here is a peek:

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 005  

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 006

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 007

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 009

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 010

Gorgeous windows!  And how they’re going to finish this in a week is beyond me…but you know the Carvers!   The wood is ready…and these great light fixtures are going to be fabulous!

2009-11-17 Logan and Arella 011

Finished pictures coming soon!  What a great accomplishment!

Last night I got a new calling but you’ll have to tune into the next blog entry for more info on that!

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