Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never a Dull Moment!

Just as I got home from South Carolina, Jonah and Aja called to say they were on the way to our house from Sequim along with Ana and Elsie (Camden went to be with his Jeff Grampa for a while), Aneeva, Ana’s cute friend from New Zealand and Josh, who had come for a visit AND their last remaining pet chicken.  It was quite a ride in the “Greasel” but they arrived in good shape after camping along the way and we were delighted to have them with us! 

Elsie immediately started changing into “character” costumes and though she pretty much settled on Cinderella as her favorite….

2010-06-21 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2368 

here she is as Tinkerbell.Note one Cinderella shoe and one Sleeping Beauty shoe:

2010-06-20 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2364

Aniston and I had fun as she tried on all the dress-up clothes from India and she settled on this one as her fav…but of course it didn’t take the place of Smore, the horse who she had such fun also dressing up while they were here.

2010-06-23 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2377

That night Jo and Aja’s friends Dean and Deserai (sp?), Aneeva’s parents, came over along with the couple they were staying with and spent some time out by the fire pit and then came in to listen to our string quartet who were scheduled to play together on that Sunday night.

2010-06-20 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2359

It was fun to have everybody meet everybody and force them to listen to a couple of numbers.  We have so much fun playing together which we have been doing ever since our days together in Boston forty years ago! Where did that time go?

2010-06-20 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2362

Dean liked the Kiddie Spa!

2010-06-20 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2365

And it was great to see these brothers together again!


2010-06-21 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2367

The fun just never stopped!  Our Relief Society party was at Heritage park with dinner at the bowery and then a fascinating presentation at the quilt museum started by our darling neighbors Boyd and Jean Christensen.

2010-06-22 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2374

Of course we HAD to see Toy Story 3. What would we do without grandkids to take to movies?

2010-06-23 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2376

Of course we went to the zoo first (first things first) but forgot to get out the camera. You’ll have to use your imagination on that which won’t be hard because all you Eyrealmers have been there so many times! 

On Saturday we had a fun Weber Family Reunion. In an original dramatization, dad and I got to be the great great grandparents who first joined the church in Switzerland, and came to America. They were Samuel and Verena Goldenberger Weber. Charity came along and was one of their 13 children…. our beloved Grandmother Ida Emma Weber, who had ten children and then died in the flu epidemic of 1820 in Star Valley. Her two youngest children died the same week. I can’t wait to meet her someday. She is my hero!

Last June I had taken lots of pictures in Schmeidrued, Aargau, Switzerland where they were all born. Shortly afterward, my cousin VerNon and his wife Annette (seen below with their daughter and grand children), along with Lenna, her daughter Jessica and VerNon and Annette’s son Gary, a professional photographer went to Star Valley together to take pictures of the ancestral grounds there. We combined our pictures on a CD for people to have to take home with them. It was really a fun day! 

2010-06-26 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2389

Sometimes I wish for dull moments, but not if I would have to miss all this fun! 


Jana said...

It was so fun to see you guys!!! I'm always amazed at what you guys can "cram" into a single day. We love you!

Shawni said...

Looks like fun, Mom. Can't wait 'til we have all the crazy moments this summer!