Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Summer Fun Begins!


Our wild and crazy summer activities started out with Lyla’s second birthday.  These NYC Eyres arrived the day before because that was Lyla’s last day to fly free! 


I had loaded up a couple of Costco carts with food, took a whirl in the grocery store and the Asian food market and headed for Bear Lake.

2010-06-28 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2418


2010-06-28 BBS, Duke,Weber R, Green 2419


By July 2nd the house was already crammed with visitors.  Friends of Jonah and Aja and Saydi and Jeff with their kids AND Grandma Ruthie who can still see the words well enough to read the kids The Little Engine Who Could.



Just before the official reunion started we had Grammie Camp #1.  It was so fun to see those six little kids (5-7) together having such a good time! 


We started with a talent show. The girls leaned toward music and art:


and the boys pretty much stuck to jumping off couches and making shapes with their legs.


We had so much fun looking through old scrapbooks and seeing themselves as babies!


Since we had two Hazels (Hazel Jane and Claire Hazel) and one Roy (Camden Roy) we talked a lot about the great grandparents Hazel and Roy Jacobson and after a fun nature hunt in the morning…..


We did some weeding (Grandpa and Grandma Jacobson would be proud)!



And then went to the cemetery for a scavenger hunt for the graves of the people they were named for:


The two Hazels….



And Roy…



Man were they ever excited for the next activity…going to Montpelier to spend the money they earned pulling weeds!  They had earned one penny for every weed they pulled so some got more exciting things than others, but the excitement was high for all!

It was so fun to see them pick out gifts for their little brothers and sisters who couldn’t come to Grammie Camp yet. It was totally their idea! Hazel even gave Oliver one of her dollars because he didn’t have very much money! Then Claire gave one of hers to Silas. Adorable!



The grand finale was a trip to playland at Arctic Circle and a grand time was had by all!



Just so I don’t forget the cute things these kids said, as we were leaving the kids asked where King our old, tired, bag-of-bones 27 year old horse was and Grandfather told them that he had just gone to horse heaven last week. On the way up to the Lighthouse, Camden said, “You know when my sister dies, she’s going to want to lay right above that horse. She loves horses more than her eyeballs!”

Then someone chipped in, “I bet Grandma Hazel is riding King in heaven!” 

On our way out the door to the cemetery for the scavenger hunt for the ancestor graves, six year old Claire Hazel said very matter-of-factly, “Someday I think we should dig up Grandma Hazel because I have never seen her!”

On to the Eyrealm Reunion 2010! 

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