Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The day after the reunion closed, MFME opened!  It was so fun to go down to Park City with the nine remarkable Mothers and Future Mothers of Eyrealm. We filled two cars because we had three of Shawni’s kids to drop off too. Our journey through Logan, on to Park City was already stimulating as we talked about everything from labor and delivery to politics!



First we went to Robert Redford’s restaurant in Park City called Zoom!  We were starving so the food  probably tasted even better than it really was!





We then leisurely strolled through Park City feasting on art galleries.


We started at the Kimball Arts Center where we saw an amazing quilt show and some creative art (Jacobson who was our little traveling buddy may have like this best).


the IMG_2607

The photography galleries were simply amazing!  I loved this quote by one of the artists whose wife was “manning the shop”.  I should have taken time to get this in focus but I think you can read it. This is especially meaningful as we were surrounded by incredible photography of the wonders of nature.




On to the very important…ice cream shop!




AND the famous….alpine slide!  We went in shifts so Jacobson wouldn’t have to be scared.


Aja and Julie swooped in for a great ending.


Kristi showed me the scars on her legs left from the last ride down on an alpine slide so she was, and rightly so, very cautious this time around!


Saydi and Saren tried the new zip line and had a great time swinging down through the trees.


No injuries. Lots of laughing!


Home to change and we headed for Log Haven for a great quiet evening to talk. We shared our best and worst experiences of the past year and created a book list from the best books we’ve read.   The food was pretty good too!  (note cute Jacobson at the end of the table)



Aja ordered buffalo! I know it doesn’t look very great but it was DE-lish!


And Aja was the last to tell her “best and worst” and at the end of her last sentence without even taking a breath she said….”and I’m pregnant”! It almost knocked us out of our seats with joy!  Number 4 coming in December!

The next morning we had our official Welcome to Eyrealm Ceremony for Anita out on the deck at Baliwood. She will be such a great addition to MFME and we are deeply delighted to have her!  We filled out the traditional questionnaires which we do about every five years to see how much our perspectives have changed and how much has remained the same since our last writing. Always interesting!

No pictures there, but Shawni got some great ones on the short hike that followed just a few steps from our house.


For the finale we jumped in the cars and rushed to the new Tony Burgers owned by Chris and Nickie Carver on 4th south where we met some of our beloved Carver family.  It was so great to see them..and enjoy those great burgers, salads and shakes! 


Another year. Another fun MFME with my favorite women on earth!

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