Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blessing Baby Jacobson

In the closing hours of our reunion, just before Josh left for Ethiopia and Tal left for a job interview, we had the wonderful privilege of giving a baby blessing to our our newest member of Eyrealm Jacobson Scott Eyre. Of course all the Jacobson side of the family is thrilled at the name, but no one more than me!  What a joy and a privilege for that little guy to carry my maiden name with him forever!

Can you believe this baby isn’t even three months old yet and he already knows how to smile for the camera?


We had fifty people for the festivities including Kevan and Grandma who we always love having. Grandma is about to turn 89! 



Ben and Ashley came from California and Chelsia and Sam came from North Dakota with their families!


SUPER mom Kristi was busy snapping pictures of the momentous event.


What an amazing group of Priesthood holders for this one beautiful little child and big brother McKay on a day we’ll never forget!

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Ben and Ashley said...

So fun to be with you guys this past week. Thanks for letting us be a part of the festivities!

Sorry we ripped Big Mamma in half. Now she's just half Mamma! :) Hope you got our donation for the next one...if not, ask which one of your grandkids grabbed the cash!