Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Fun in Sequim


Just a couple of shots on our way to church:


When I asked Camdem why he didn’t smile in this picture he said, “I don’t like having my picture taken. I think he’s serious!” BUt he is about the cutest kid ever when it comes to explaining how to play a game or what he does at school.


But Elsie doesn’t mind having her picture taken one bit!


(Dress compliments of “Papa and Dodie”)

Here it seems that Ana also likes to have her picture taken especially with an identification of who she is! Apparently Elsie and Camden have changed their minds about taking pictures! Don’t Jonah and Aja look radiant?(jonah always closes his eyes when he’s happiest!) 


That grandfather is just a barrel of monkeys!  Here they are all in in the cozy new “blow-up” bed. Note our rental car outside the window!



And here we are oogling over the Bear Lake book that Saydi sent for Christmas!




Sweet new baby Poem, totally unaware of the great life she has in store with this creative and amazing family, just looks on and yawns…

IMG_4833       IMG_4839



Meanwhile, the chickens have left their homes and are enjoying a delicious meal from the food they would otherwise throw out at the food bank!



Note the great fencing job Jonah has done around their property, not to mention the leveling and getting rid of all that tall grass. Hard work! 



After a quick stop at McDonalds, to the special delight of Camden….


we headed for Crescent Lake which is where the Eyres waterski in the summer…about 40 minutes from their home.




The lush trees of the surrounding forest and the grass, still green with moss growing everywhere is simply spectacular!

We ended the day watching Narnia and then having a scrumptious Thai dinner in Sequim (although it didn’t compare with the luscious leg of lamb, wonderful creamed pork on biscuits, scrumptious bullhonkey soup with elk meat, amazing homemade split pea soup and the divine dungeness crab that Jonah treated us to while we were there. He got the cooking genes from Grampa Dean, the farming genes from Grampa Jacobson, the frugality genes from Grandma Ruthie and the work ethic from Grandma Hazel.  What a great combination!

Aja was also incredible, making us feel so comfortable there amidst her creative way of making that crazy house feel like a lovely home and filling us in on everything we didn’t know in the world. No one would know that she had a baby at home…posterior…on a “birthing chair” only two weeks ago!  She was up all night with the baby and then out all day with us. I didn’t see one nap pass that girl’s eyes!  I sure hope she recovers with some nice extra sleep once we’re gone. She is a champion new mother, as usual! 

What a truly unique family in a truly unique place on earth! 

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Eli said...

looks like fun mom! a little different from life on the other side of the country. that suit cam is wearing is amazing.