Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun on the Farm

Jonah and Aja's little farmhouse is amazing. You wouldn't believe what they did inside for $150!

Man these guys really know how to farm!  They have 40 chickens, 8 piglets and their mom, two bunnies, a cat, and a horse.  That's not counting the crabs.  Boy is this fun. Takes me right back to my childhood!

Ana is an expert horsechild!  She is so great at taking care of Cocoa, which is a big job three times a day. She also rides like a champ! 

Do you love the backlighting on those ears? 

Having a little sip of water between feedings. This hot mama needs to eat and drink a LOT in order to feed 8 babies, 20 pounds each.  

View out their front window: 

I would never have thought of crabbing as part of the farm but these guys sure do! 

We had a ball out on the crabbing boat! 

Here's a crabpot (one of five of Jonah's in the bay). 

Sunfish in the first one:

So this big guy was in one of them. Jonah is amazing! He cleaned them and them we went right home and ate them. They were to die for!

This is definitely a Christmas we'll never forget!

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