Monday, December 27, 2010

A Sequim Christmas!

After the festivities at the Looslis we headed for the airport and landed a couple of hours later in Seattle, then rented a car and hustled on up to the Jonah and Aja household for Christmas.  We all enjoyed a delectable leg of lamb with all the trimmings before we watched the kids get excited about opening their gifts to each other which is always so fun.


Then everyone went to bed and waited for the arrival of Santa. He CAME!

We opened presents ALL day!  Literally until it was dark (with breaks for food, crabbing and skyping).

Of course this was the MAIN ATTRACTION:

What an angel this little girl is.   Such a peaceful spirit!  
She is also tiny and petite, despite the thought that she weighed in at 9 pounds. 
She is absolutely a dream child!

Christmas at the Eyres was also a wig extravaganza!

See the next post for fun on the farm on Christmas Day!

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Shawni said...

Those wigs are awesome. LOve the shot of Poem in dad's shirt too.