Sunday, February 6, 2011

All that Jazz

Before I start, we’ve been dancing and eating again this week up in Logan so I added some pictures to the end of the last post if you’re interested.

This week we had a lot of fun at a Jazz game.  Randy Rigby, the President of the Jazz found some great tickets for us on the fourth row and invited us to sit at their family table. What fun it was to meet their outstanding girls, one of which was a project manager at Rising Star for two years!

The reason we got the royal treatment was because of our special guests! We have been friends with these solid gold people for over forty years and it’s always so fun to go with such avid basketball fans! Here they are patiently waiting for the game to begin. They create quite a stir!


These are for our Jazz fans:





We have become dedicated BEAR fans since he went to visit out little Cami at her house!  It wasn’t even because of the Make a Wish Foundation. He just did it out of the goodness of his heart! His parents who were thrilled to see him as well said they saw tears in his eyes as he hugged that adorable bald little Cami.

He’s almost as popular as these two:


That dad always keeps us laughing with that finger…..including the next day in Logan.  Grandma didn’t care for the music at the Texas Roadhouse (note the wadded up piece of napkin in her ears)!



Grandma Ruthie and Elder Perry were born the same month in the same year and went to high school together in Logan. He has married most of our kids and we have had a happy history together through the years!  FUN!

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Shawni said...

Love it, mom. Makes me want to hug Grandma though.