Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well, now I've lost the memory card for my camera. Last night we went to a beautiful live nativity at an Episcopal Church that was gorgeous and the pictures are on the card. Oh well it will show up somewhere. 

We had a  perfectly lovely Christmas today with church first where we met  some fascinating people and had fun singing Christmas carols with the congregation. 

Then it was home to Eggs Benedict at Tal and Anita's apartment. We saved some for Eli who arrived from DC on the bus about 2:30 and then enjoyed opening some gifts.

Now we are at a beautiful apartment lent to us for the week by some very kind friends who are in Utah for the holidays. We had a nice Christmas dinner here tonight and luckily Eli was here to be the photographer of the "stars of the day". 


. What a delight to see all the kids and grand kids via google plus or Skype. What a world! What a great Christmas!