Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun in the Big Apple

Life has been whizzing by so fast that there hasn’t been a minute to blog! I didn’t take my computer, only my iPad and even though Eli helped me figure out a blog APP, it doesn’t work off line so I was stuck on the plane. So much to catch up on!

Even though I had a ball zipping around the streets of NYC with my little shopping cart to keep the new baby and family fed and cared for, after the first week when mom, dad and baby were doing well, we did manage to have some time to see the wonders of this magnificent city!

Eli, who came down on Christmas Day from DC because Julie was working, went with me to the magnificent Met, which was having a special exhibit on the world of Islam. My current passion to learn more about that culture was well-fed at this exhibit. Just being there is always such an electric experience. Even though thousands of other people had the same idea, it was delightful to soak it all in with Eli and his wonderful camera….his eye!



The rugs were to die for, the art was splendid and the beautiful arches made us homesick!






We also had a ball with Eli on the Staten Island Ferry:

NOTE THE NEW WORLD TRADE CENTER GOING UP ON THE LEFT. It’s the tall building with the black on the top fourth of the building and a fork on the top. There are fountains on the footprint of the two original building that seem to be dropping into an abyss. Tal thought that the vapor rising from the falling water was symbolic of the new trade center rising.


It’s always a pleasure to see the Statue of Liberty.  We wanted to go to Ellis Island but everyone had the same idea. The line for the ferry was about half a mile long.



That ride was pretty fun! Eli taught me a little about how to use my new phone camera, but I’ve got a long way to go!


Our next adventure was looking at apartments in a beautiful new building that you can almost see in the picture before last. Although it is a hard to see from this angle, It reminded me of Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona with it’s wavy lines. Almost like a melting ice cream cone!


The apartments were rentals only. The cheapest one bedroom was $7000 a month and the penthouse around $40,000 a month. With Eli’s love of architecture and modern spaces and spectacular views, he was pretty much in heaven!




The world trade center up close and personal:



Thanks to Dad/Rick we also managed to squeeze in some pretty incredible shows and concerts during our long visit. This was the entrance to Porgy and Bess, which we had never seen. It was truly and amazing story of the tragedies of real life. Great acting and music! Believe it or not, Dad called Grandma to tell her that we were going to see it since it has some of her favorite songs. She sang every word of all the songs he could remember with him on the phone. Even though she may not have remembered that she was talking to her son, she could remember all the words of those “memorable” songs!


We also managed to see the stage play of War Horse at Lincoln Center. It was one of the most amazing things we have ever seen. The horses were huge puppets operated by three men. Two underneath the horse and another who worked the head. Dad had just read the book, so a couple of nights later Tal and Eli joined us for the new movie with the same name. (That Rick is such a party animal!) Both exceptionally well-done! A testimony of the futility and senselessness of World War I.  We highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good movie!

Dad and I also had the great pleasure of hearing the Messiah at Carnegie Hall. After singing or playing in the orchestra for that grand piece of music for many years as I grew up, it was such a joy to hear it at such a magnificent building at this time of year! Pictures are on Dad’s phone and somehow didn’t transfer to the Cloud.

On January 27th Julie finished her work duty and joined us and then on January 28th Saydi and Jeff along with the kids drove down from Boston and we partied on! What fun we had opening the presents Dad had shopped for at FAO Schwartz in his spare time while I was with the new baby and parents. He LOVES those FAO Schwartz stuffed animals and so did the kids and their parents.



Accepting for the REAL baby:





The Perfect Peter just looked on….


Julie and Eli’s someday-in-the-future baby got a baby elephant since Grandfather is sure he/she will be a Republican but I didn’t catch a picture. I think Julie thought it was more fun to play with a much better little toy!


That night we rented the same limo that had brought the baby home from the hospital for a family spin around the big apple. We had SO much fun with the kids’ delight and the dancing (as much as you can dance from a seat) to the music. The kids loved the lights inside and out!




There were moments when Hazel was a bit confused (above) and Peter got a little drunk (below). A GREAT time was had by all!


We gathered at Gordon’s place. He is selling it, so aside from two beds and and a stuffed dog and seal, there was not a stick of furniture. We are so very grateful to Saydi and Jeff for coming all that way for such a short time. Especially because they are leaving for London for six months in less than two week. More on that later. We were so grateful for the chance to have some fun and some in-depth discussions on the floor before we said good-bye!  What an adventure are about to plunge into! 


Could there have been a more fun Christmas?  The best gift of course was our darling new baby but all the trimmings were pretty exciting too!  Hooray for new parents AND for the chance to be in NYC with our family at Christmastime!


bostonshumways said...

mom, we had so much fun with you guys too! Thanks for everything. I think the limo ride might have been the kids highlight of the year.

love the picture of drunk Peter. that one made me lol.

love you!

charity eyre wright said...

mom, you are the best!! i love reading your blog. i read every single post! now i am starting the habit of commenting like you :) LOVE YOU!