Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Whirlwind Extended Weekend

On Saturday, August 11th we took off for Charity’s stomping grounds…San Francisco and specifically the Oakland Temple where we got to to speak at a Young Single Adult conference at a huge multi-stake center on the grounds of this beautiful temple.

Sadly, even though Charity was on the planning committee for the conference and arranged for all the food for at least three and maybe four meals for 1500-2000 young adults during the conference, we traded places. She had committed to be at a Manti temple wedding with one of her dear missionary companions whose family were not able to be at the wedding. She stood is as the “mother” at the wedding on Saturday and spend some time with her gaggle of wonderful friend who happen to live in SLC on Sunday. 

In the meantime we were speaking to a group of outstanding young single adults. There were about 2000 there on Sunday. I spoke to about half of them (the women) for Relief Society and Rick spoke to the young men in Priesthood meeting.  It was one of about eight groups that were meeting at difference locations in Northern California that weekend. Altogether there were about 10,000 single adults aged 18-35 gathered together on the same weekend.


Luckily we got got pick Charity up at the airport on Friday night and we saw her for about 10 minutes downtown before she headed for the airport on Sunday night. We sure love this girl! So do a lot of people where she lives in California. Many people came to us to tell us how she had influenced their lives. Plus, what a job she did on that food! What we tasted was terrific!

Just to prove we were there, here are a couple of scenes as we drove in Charity’s car through her favorite city in the world, San Francisco. We drove through the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Below is the always-full-of-tourists-Lombard Street and the view of Alcatraz. The bridge was shrouded in fog. 



Charity is truly a wonder woman.  In fact I used one of her blog posts during my talk on Sunday to about a thousand young women from ages 18-35 called “Being Alone, but not Lonely” which you can read here.”  The name of her blog perfectly personifies her life. You can check on her fun life at Are we blessed to be her parents or what? 


While we were there, we stayed overnight with our wonderful friends and co-grandparents, Ron and Nedra Shumway. They are Jeff’s parents (Saydi’s husband) and are always such stimulating company and inspiring friends besides the fact that we are almost related. Jeff grew up in the same beautiful home where we were kindly and royally treated that Saturday night. 

We arrived home on Sunday night and on Monday morning we headed for Provo and Education Week. We just did four classes on Monday this year, which is a lot easier that doing four classes a day from Tuesday through Friday.

The best part of education week for us nowadays is meeting so many of our kids’ friends and fans. Just after we were raving about Jonah and Aja’s creative lifestyle in one of our classes, a couple came up from Sequim to say that they were the best thing that ever happened to Sequim!  For a look at their unique lifestyle check it out here. In the end we heard something about almost every child. Such fun!

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