Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Funny Family Pictures

Family pictures at the reunion this summer were pretty funny. Dad/Rick got the idea to have pictures taken in front of the old Ream Mansion in Dingle, which is probably the most famous old house in Bear Lake Valley. It fell into disrepair after it’s productive years of raising an outstanding large family but has been recently lovingly restored by family members.

Because we had at least five fabulous photographers in our family and two professionals, it was a pretty funny scene. The real photographers had certain things in mind and Dad had some other things in mind. The ensuing clash of strong wills was pretty funny. In the end, Dad/Rick pretty much got his way, including the crazy poses that you will see below. The first is pretty microscopic considering we crammed 42 people into this photo.

(Aja, I did it….inside joke). image

Probably only family members can appreciate these next photos! And maybe not some of them either! We got more and more into it as we went along…..





All in all it was a very funny day!

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Jonah and Aja said...

Ha ha! Thank you for the fix!

Love the funny family photos. Jonah can make the most awesome faces... that's why I married him.