Thursday, May 3, 2018

Grandmothering Two New Babies in London and New York

As a Grandmother, nothing is more heavenly and exciting than welcoming new babies to their life on earth!  Launching a new book is nice but launching a new baby, now that is really something—and launching two new grand babies in one week is nothing but glorious!  

Of course the mothers did the really hard work, thanks to nine months of nurturing those babies inside, along with the accompanying worries, discomfort, mental toughness and putting their bodies through amazing contortions in order to give birth. They were both champions in doing what it took to allow those babies on opposite sides of “the pond” to emerge into their new lives on earth! 

Below are two pictures that capture the essence of the joy of the entrance of those sweet babies and their siblings. For complete pictures of the home water birth of baby boy Gabriel James at our youngest daughter Charity and and husband Ian’s flat in London and the details of the birth (and our whirlwind visits to NYC before and after) of our youngest son Eli and daughter-in-law Julie’s new little baby girl, Etta Joy was born, go to my blog at  

We’re home at last and on to the book launch. Here are the times and places for the book signings for the Grandmothering book coming up this week in anticipation of Mother’s Day.We’d love to visit with you there if you are in the area!   

1. Deseret Book in Midvale (1110 E Fort Union Blvd) on Saturday, May 5th from 12:30-2:30

2. Deseret Book in Downtown Salt Lake (45 W. South Temple) on Saturday, May 12th from 12:30-2:30.


The book is also available at Costcos in the Utah, Idaho and Arizona areas, at all Deseret Book Stores as well as Amazon.  

IMG 5196

IMG 5246

                                                                         Treasured days! 


Kareninaz said...

fyi, the link to the grandmothering blog goes to and should just be great job on it!!

Jenny (also) said...

The link doesn't work

Sydney said...

I love my grandmothering book and have given several of my grandmother friends your book as gifts. For whatever reason, something with the binding of the book, we all have been having random pages drop out of our books. We just glue them back in and continue to enjoy discussing the chapters of your book. Ha! Thanks.