Monday, August 6, 2018

Summer Days Were Dazzling!

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From the first blaze of a glorious Bear Lake sunset in the windows of The Lighthouse…our summer began!

IMG 5630

We took time out before the onslaught of filing up our place at the lake with our beloved family to join Lucy for a BBS Conference which was held in Salt Lake this year!  The complications of a rare syndrome are mind boggling!  Though much research is being done both for weight issues and blindness, it is still sobering to see how far we have to go to find some imminent help for Lucy. Many signs are hopeful but she is entering into her last year of Elementary School and is losing her sight fast. She’ll be 12 on October 1st and we adore this girl. Our hopes and prayers are with those researchers and her fabulous parents and siblings who will be her lifeline! 

IMG 5645

One of the workshops was on Autism, which we learned is often a part of the BBS Syndrome. Bless those who are trying to figure out how to help!  It was so terrific to have the support of all the families who now live in Utah!  The Shumways, the Loosli’s and the Provo Eyres all joined us for the family dinner! 

IMG 5651

                                                       There’s nothing like cousins to support a very special need! 

IMG 2635

                                                           Unless it’s dedicated Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. 

IMG 2754

            And then is was on to the exciting life at Bear Lake with pre-reunion friends, families and fun (especially with the new “tube”) 

IMG 5680

      One the 4th of July we had fun at the “Kids’ Rodeo” over in Paris. Home town fun at its best. See the kids lining up for the chicken chase on the right. Poor chickens! 

IMG 5682

IMG 5684

   Extraordinary Sand Castles were built and a two year old Birthday Boy got his first scooter soon to be used on the streets of London! 

IMG 5698


IMG 5705


IMG 5734


IMG 5736

This year we had the joy of having two positively adorable babies, born five days apart in April. One in New York and one in London! 

IMG 5755


 A short but fun little Grammie party for “The Littles” (under 5s) who are too young for Grammie Camp! 

IMG 5772

    With the help of their adorable older cousins who joined in the fun! 

IMG 5776

Because of late arrivals and early departures of our families this year, all Grammie Camps had to be smashed into 24 hours just before the reunion began. Below is the youngest group (5-8). Those hours went so fast that I didn’t get pictures of the others. With the help of “The Magical Mr. Eyre” (our school extraordinary school teaching son) and The Excellent Story Teller Uncle Tal, we were able to make it happen. Thanks you guys!  (Wish I had taken more pictures)!  

It was a year for the Fine Arts!  The kids did an incredible job of identifying the 10 pieces of classical music I had sent them via Spotify. They got points for identifying the piece, an extra point for knowing the composer and an extra point for knowing something else about the piece. They were astonishing! The points were worth money and I was a poorer woman by the time they got paid. Haha!  They also each shared their favorite piece of art and they told why they liked it. Tal came to tell stories and Josh showed the wonders of the heavens through our telescope on a starry starry night at the Lighthouse along with showing them the marvels of his fancy drone and so much more!  Thanks Josh and Tal!  Couldn’t have done it without you! 


IMG 5794


 More on the Amazing Shumway Led Reunion entitle “Turning the Hearts” coming next! 


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