Saturday, December 8, 2007

Last visit to Wellesley and First to the Temple!





This is a weekend we'll never forget! It was so fun to go back down memory lane at Wellesley and visit our favorite places there in the ice and snow. We were so glad that Eli could get away from his "favorite" job long enough to be with us! We loved eating at the dining hall, rmembering all the fun we've had there attending classes, graduations and moving in and moving out so many times! What a great place Wellesley will hold in our hearts forever. Imagine Charity taking her kids back to see that great place years from now...along with all the rest of you who have such fond memories there. We love having our own little "Wellesley" who visited there this year as well!

Along with that "last" was Charity's "first" visit to the temple! As you can see from the pictures, she had a pretty great time! I think she was as well-prepared as she could have been and we had the unique privilege of having a private session with just the eight of us: Charity and Eli, Saydi and Jeff, Jonah and Aja and Dad and I. It just happened that no one else was on that session! The officiator was wonderful and told us afterward that he was a convert and told Charity to go out and find someone just like him! We were pampered and I was filled with joy to have the marvelous experience of having so many of our wonderful children in prayer in the temple together! We spent 45 minutes together in the Celestial Room afterward just talking and explaining and taking it all in!

The experience was repeated the very next day, after a ride on the China Town bus as we joined with 10 of us in the New York Temple! There we had Tal and Sarah, Noah and Kristi as well as Jonah and Aja, Dad and I and Eli and Charity. How could a mother be so blessed? Now the icing on the cake is going to be having all the Eyre siblings and as many spouses as possible in the Salt Lake Temple on the 30th of December. Three beyond-joy experiences in one month is just more that I could have imagined in my wildest dreams! Thanks for going on a mission Charity! Being in the temple all together may not happen again for a long time! JOY JOY JOY!
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