Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mexico and Mitt's Speech in Texas!




It's been another eventful week with a really fun trip to Monterrey, Mexico where we spoke at a private school and re-visited one of our favorite hotels (see Angel). We did three to 500 high school kids, one to their teachers and coaches and one to the parents. It was fun to see the wonderful things a great private school can do! Just as we were leaving, Dad decided that we really couldn't miss Mitt's talk on religion, which he has been urging him to give since the beginning of the campaign. It was at the George W. Bush Library near Houston and we finagled (at a price) tickets to get there by leaving Mexico at 4 a.m., flying into Houston at 7:33 and then literally flying in a taxi to the library which was two hours away. The cab driver was from Nigeria and had never been there before, dropped all thousand papers in his file trying to figure out how much to charge us in the rush, couldn't open the sliding door of his old van and had to stop for gas on the way. We arrivied about a third of the way into the speech but they let us in and it was really fun to be there. He gave a great speech! Not exactly the one Dad wrote but some of his ideas were included. We saw many friends from home as well as the Salt Lake Media. He spoke as a true statesman and we were thrilled with many of his choices of worda. He didn't get into the details of doctrine since that is just a no-win situation with the press unless you have a testimony, which none of them except Glen Beck has! Anyway, we were glad we went despite the craziness of trying to get there!
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