Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to Work!

Just a quick update on what is going on here. The usual as we begin on the houses again. The sewer backed up again only worse at the Bamboo House. The renters left and great David Eyre, our neightbor both here on Mercedes Way and at Bear Lake, went in and cleaned it up (Harmon and Julie's son who just happened to be there). What a guy! Also the fridge quit working which we;re still trying to figure out.

On the brighter side, we had a great missionary "Eyreside" last Sunday and had several non-members and less-actives which was fun. Also we've started big time on the landscaping at Baliwood (how do you like Baliwood at Narnia Canyon?) There are big rocks set of the waterfall out the big windows and a place decided on for the fabulous Wellesley Lamp which is ready to be installed. Tal's friend from Ogden John Dumkley is running his big catapillar around like kid with a great big toy. There's a lot of earth being moved. With the wind blowing pretty hard too, it was hard to tell that my car wasn't brown when the dust finally settled. The porch has been all pulled up to slant it away from the doors and the pavers are going in this week for the patio out front, even though the trucker dumped two huge loads of base and gravel on the wrong side of the house. Dad told him about ten times to dump it on the South west side and it's on the North west side. He just got a little mixed up. It's going to take those six workers a long time to get it around to the right place with their wheelbarrows. But they told him to dump it exactly where it sits...sort of in the driveway in the parking area on our new gravel so I guess they'll have to work it out. Other than that the big backhoe hit the sewer line, things seem to be going very well. It's looking pretty great and after we hydro-seed two weeks
before the first snowfall, it should look great in the spring.

Other than that, it's great to have Eli and Julie home. They are so fun to have around! Tomorrow we're going to try to celebrate Julie's last day before school starts and have some fun watching "The Errand of Angels", the new LDS movie about sister missionaries in honor of Charity. We hope you all have a great Labor Day without too much Labor!

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