Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Excitement!

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything about our exciting Easter adventures!  We had so much fun with Tal and Anita!  That girl is amazing...and so is Tal!  They headed up to see Grandma in the hospital the morning after they got here.

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 003

While they were gone, we had a college roommate reunion at Baliwood that was SO fun! Some of us hadn't seen each other for forty years!  How could that be possible? 



A great time was had by all! 

Like a whirlwind, Tal and Anita arrived back and the next day we took off for St. George where Saren had a carefully planned agenda that created a weekend we'll never forget!  Ulie and Eli were with us and as always, the Loosli kids keep St. George visits exciting!

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 001

A morning hike with the girls was fun and L-O-N-G!  We just couldn't quit talking long enough to turn around!  We were mighty cold by the time we got back to the van..especially Julie!

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 053

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 005

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 008

The Dragon Hike!

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 025

What a place!  Simply spectacular!

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 068

What a fun Easter Egg hunt we had at the pool!  The only things missing: Jonah and Aja, Aniston, Camden and Elsie!  We sure missed those guys!

2009 April 10  Tal and Anita 081

Hercules joined us for the party! 

We drove back to Baliwood on Saturday night and had a huge blowout in Dad's car on the way to church in SL the next morning.  Thank goodness Eli was able to get us to the side of the road and Tal and Eli were there to change the tire.  Dad was returning our rented van and missed all the excitement!

It was so fun to have Tal back in the ward for Easter Sunday and introduce Anita to our ward family.  It was truly a weekend to remember! 

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