Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the Road Again!

Westridge Academy Gala Fundraiser for teenagers out of control!

2009 April 15 Westridge,  Birthday, Fort Worth 001

After a nice long stint at home and just after we hosted the Westridge Academy Dinner that Lenna and crew worked so hard to make a success, we're back on the road!

On my birthday we took off for Fort Worth for a YPO speech.

2009 April 15 Westridge,  Birthday, Fort Worth 006

We had a fabulous hotel suite looking over the city building in Fort Worth which was a spectacular view!

2009 April 15 Westridge,  Birthday, Fort Worth 007

Our hosts were the only the second members of the church we've met on our YPO rounds and they were a delightful couple with six little girls, mostly homeschooled!  They inspired us to do better and be better with missionary work!

Next we went on to Washington D.C. where we stayed with our fun friends the Archibalds and had a chance to be hang out with their son Anthony who has just been accepted at the Harvard Business School and is darling wife Kristin, who is due with their first baby in about three weeks. 

We drove all over the D.C. area and visited the brand new Museum of American Indians on the Mall, which was fabulous!

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 004

If you look hard you'll see the spires of the capitol in the background.

Next we had a wonderful group of people at the Temple Visitor's Center where we spoke for our dear friends Bob and Mary Rich from our ward who were just called to run the Visitor's Center there.

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 005

The musical number was by a little boy who used to play with Shawni when he was two years old when we lived in Virginia...Justin Hart and his wife Heather. Their voices are simply spectacular!

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 007

We had such an amazing experience seeing old friends and greeting people who knew everyone of our children from some place or other!  Lots of Pothier's friends were there since they had lived here almost as long as we did and many who were following Shawni's blog! That was an evening to remember!

Now we're in Toronto!  We are having so much fun with Chris and Hedy and their missionaries!  Last night we had a huge crowd for a parenting seminar and then met with all the bishops and the stake presidency for an hour after the meeting!  It was so fun to see a cute girl, Yura, run up to us afterward and tell us that she had been in Jerusalem with Eli and Julie!  The Stake Presidency member who conducted (back row, far left) also told me he had been listening to the Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat that Shawni and I did with Steven Kapp Perry a couple of weeks ago on a podcast.  What a small world we have with the Internet!

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 008

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shawni said...

Mom it sure sounds like you're having a great time. We love you SOOO much and sure have been missing you around here. We keep saying, "oh I wish Mom were here!" Of course, we miss Dad with all our hearts too, but it just feels kinda like MFME but lacking in you. Except that Eli's here too...ok, we're tired and getting punchy but just want you to know we're thinking about you. Love, Saren, Shawni & Sayds