Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Star Valley Jamboree!

My cousin VerNon, his wife Annette, their son Gary (who is a professional photographer) and his wife Belinda, who is due with #4 in July and their little guy Toby traveled in tandem to Star Valley to take pictures of the old homesteads, relatives homes, Grandpa Clark's dry farm and Uncle Wilford's 500 acre farm.  We got "the new house" that Grampa and Grandma Clark built with their own hands and where Grandma Ida lived for about a year before she died with her two babies, Byron and Gerald!  We are putting all the pictures on a CD for the reunion so I won't spoil the surprise, but here are just a few shots of our adventure.  The girls will recognize some of this from our MFME trip! 

Reunion pictures 079

I can't wait for you to hear my cousin Nada yodel!  She is an extraordinary pianist...ala Grandma J. 

Reunion pictures 088

The barn where Grandma J milked cows a thousand times!

Reunion pictures 095

Jess and Belinda

Reunion pictures 105

Rama's Wedding Center!

Reunion pictures 110

The original man and wife who joined the church in Switzerland: Samuel Weber and Verena Goldenburger Weber.  They had 13 children...lost five! 

Reunion pictures 113 

Here is the "new house" where Grandma died. Cots were lined up in the "parlor" and they carried them out as they died in the flu epidemic of 1920!

The "old house" has been torn down but sat right across the street here by these barns that still sit in the same spot. In fact these are the original barns remodeled!

Reunion pictures 116


Reunion pictures 128

Reunion pictures 129

These are two of the most beautiful gravestones I've ever seen. Look at this shawl drapped over the side!

Reunion pictures 130

Anita, do these hills above the cemetery look like Switzerland or what?  The camera really doesn't do the green justice. It is a gorgeous place to "wake up" on resurrection morning! 

Reunion pictures 139

Here is the place that we think the little house sat where Grandma Ida grew up with the large Weber family.  It's the house that I painted!

Reunion pictures 142 

To say the least, Memorial Day was certainly MEMORABLE!

Reunion pictures 143

Reunion pictures 144


eyre blog said...

We were just talking to a girl that moved here from Star Valley and she is a Clark! We need to check and see if she is a relative. Looks like this was a fun trip!

Christy said...

I just came across your blog cause I was looking for information on Samuel Weber and Verena Goldenburger cause those are my great great grandparents. My great Grandma is Martha Emma Weber and my Grandpa is Forrest Weber Kennington so a lot of my family still lives in Star Valley. What line do you come from and do you have any good stories of our ancestors. My email address is Christy