Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day and Grandma J's New House!

We went to Bear Lake over the Memorial Day weekend and worked hard AND had so much fun!  Eli and Julie joined us for a day and made made some awesome Chocolate chip cookies.  Lenna and Jessica joined us for a cousin and ancestor tour of the Bloomington Cemetery and Star Valley (coming next).

 Reunion pictures 011

Reunion pictures 014

Reunion pictures 027

This is Grandma Jacobson who lost 5 children and walked 1000 miles across the plaines pregnant, settled Bloomington and then her husband left her for his "other wife". 

Reunion pictures 029

Grandma Nellie, Grandpa Freddie and their son Jay who died at 18. How we love these great ancestors who made us who we are!

Here is the creek where Grampa Jacobson was baptized:

Reunion pictures 038

And here is what is left of the house where Grandpa Freddie died on the front porch!  WE have no idea wht happened...well we know there was a fire!

 Reunion pictures 059

BUT on a happier note, we stopped to see Grandma's J's house, which was just sold to a darling young couple. The new owner came along just as we were prowling around the house and he let us come in and take pictures. It felt so good to see it loved again!

 Reunion pictures 064

This is where the fridge, freezer and closet were:

Reunion pictures 066 

Reunion pictures 067

Reunion pictures 074

Living room:  NOte the "telephone holder"

Reunion pictures 078

How about this bathroom!!!

Reunion pictures 068

Front bedroom (master I think)

Reunion pictures 075 

They have one little two year old.

Reunion pictures 076

The middle bedroom is his room!

Reunion pictures 077

Even the "basement" looks great!  They're making this into a laundry room!

They haven't done anything with the upstairs yet, except taken the carpet off the stairs and painted the walls!

Reunion pictures 071


Reunion pictures 072

All in all...although we haven't seen the money yet, we are thrilled to have this house in such good hands!  


Weaver Family said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I thought about grandma J over the weekend and was wishing that I could go to her grave site, and visit her home. I didn't know it had been sold, but it looks beautiful!

Jonah and Aja said...

thanks for spending the time to post this mum. i am so happy to see it from way down here in new zealand.

shawni said...

Oh man this makes me miss Grandma SOOOO much! All those memories in that house. I'm so glad it's getting some loving attention.