Sunday, May 3, 2009

Toronto and Harbor Island!


Since last Sunday, we've had a chance to give a YPO speech in Toronto to a lively group of 45 kids and 50 adults!  This was our "ticket" to Toronto and the mission firesides and when we got to Chris and Hedy's they sent us directions to their event which was at a Science Museum. When we saw the address, we could hardly believe our serendipity moment. The museum was about three blocks from the mission home!  Chis and Hedy joined us and a great time was had by all!  

After some fun "kid fare" for dinner, we had a short session with the kids about the family "secret code".  Hedy took this picture just before we started

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 002

Next, I took the kids to a separate room and we talked about making "decisions in advance".  It was hilarious!  When I asked whether they could decide right now where they were going to college, one little guy's hand shot up as he shouted out, "Michigan State".  Several seemed really sure that they were never going to smoke and one was even sure that he would NEVER drink beer!  Pretty good group! 

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 005

One big boo-ha!  Chris and Hedy were standing at the back and I asked them how they thought Hedy and I were related, since we were both Mrs. Eyres.  Shoot some little kids shouted out, "She is your mother!"  YIKES!  Sorry about that Hedy. They just hadn't turned around and looked at you! 

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 008

Here are some of the cute parents and kids. What fun to be with Chris and Hedy! 

Then it was on to another fun missionary fireside.  Wish we'd gotten more pictures with the missionaries but this is a sample of the darling members who were there! 

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 011

There was a torrential rain storm so we were grateful for a chapel-full of wonderful missionaries, members and prospective members! 

Next it was on to Harbor Island in the Bahamas. After waking up at Chris and Hedy's house at 3:45 a.m. it was a wild day in the air.  We barely caught our last flight on a little prop jet to the most gorgeous water on earth!

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 003

We're at the fabulous Pink Sand Hotel!  We did a morning seminar on Saturday for 12 couple who were there to enjoy an amazing place and to re-connect.  So many splendid people, so much fabulous food and a positively gorgeous pnk sand beach!

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 016

Okay so you can't exactly see that the sand is pink, but it really is! FYI, this is not a fish, it's seaweed!  But the sand does come from two varieties of fish eating red algae and then pooping it out as sand. It's like walking through flour!

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 023

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 024

Here's our lovely cottage!

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 031

I must admit, it's been nice to relax for a day before we head back tomorrow.  It's a varitable paradise!  Still, it will be so nice to get home!

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 033


shawni said...

Oh man it looks SO fun mom!

Mike and Trina Peck said...


You are an amazing woman!


eyre blog said...

mom this is great stuff. thanks so much for keeping us posted on your grand adventures!

Audrey Taylor said...

Hi Linda,
I really enjoyed your book you wrote with Shawni. It has put so much into perspective for me. I wish I could talk and talk with you! Just know that I have actually been having more fun with my children since reading it and perhaps now I will feel more prepared and worthy to celebrate this Mother's Day. :)