Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Actual Day!


I know I’ve written a lot about our big anniversary trip…but the actual day of our actual anniversary did come on July 30!  We left the crowds at Bear Lake and traveled to Logan…via a very good restaurant in Garden City…Cafe Sabor.  All these guys are cute but I especially like the one of the left!

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 005

We stopped for a bit of fudge and a stroll through the Raspberry Days festival before heading for Logan.

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 006

Our first stop was the very place that we were married forty years ago to the day and then we worked back in our courtship and earlier life from there:

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 007

We started with Rick’s childhood…and his school where he attended the first few grades in school and was afraid to walk to school because of the ants!

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 021

And then past the school where he spent his older elementary years, the Whittier School:

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 009

Of course, the story wouldn’t be right without the good old 18th ward where he spent so much time with family and good neighbors:

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 010

We even visited a few of his old girlfriend’s homes just for old times sake but I didn’t take pictures of those!

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 018

The House that Dean Built at 518 East will always hold special memories of a wonderful Dad and later an amazing Mother struggling to hold the family together after he passed on. 

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 015

Years passed and after a LOT of girlfriends, he found one that he particularly liked and asked her to marry him in this historic tower of Old Main!

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 033

On this very balcony:

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 034

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 036

Old Main tower at USU is a place that will always hold a special spot in our hearts!

After a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite spots in Logan…The Bluebird….

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 039

we were blessed to spend some time with these two wonderful women

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 019

Karen has been a true heroine for taking such good care of Grandma Ruthie much of the time while Kevan took a well-deserved trip to Europe.

They joined us at Festival Opera House

2009-07-25 Anniversary, Charity 040

(Dad in his new favorite shirt bought at raspberry days!)

for The Micado, starring Michael Ballam and his daughter Vanessa. It was fun to see Grandma really enjoying herself!

After the performance, we hit the road and reminisced all the way back to Baliwood!  We counted our blessings and simply could not believe how very fortunate we are! 

If someone would have told us on our wedding day that we would have had so many innumerable blessings by the time 40 years had passed, we would never have believed it…except that Dad thought he would probably be the Pres of the US by now!  Other than that….who would have thought!

We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams and I can’t believe that i have married for FORTY years to such a “dreamboat”!  I am so blessed to be his partner!  


Max said...

I love this Mom! I'm so glad you took pictures of all that stuff. Good job! You and Dad are quite the pair. I'm just mad you didn't get yourself a matching tyedyed t-shirt to match dad's!

Love you.

Love, Shawni

Max said...

Yeah, it's really Shawni, not Max