Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eli and Julie’s Big Adventure!


Before they write themselves, I’ve got to get these fun photos posted of Eli and Julie, cramming all their earthly belongings (or at least all the ones they would need immediately upon arrival) into Julie’s cute little car that Jonah helped them fix up in order to drive across the country from Salt Lake to Washington D.C. ….via Big Bear Lake, CA!  You will understand why they would do that when you realize that Julie’s parents, having just arrived in Brazil for their missionary service, had their kids have a reunion without them in CA!  What a great family they are. And what an adorable couple this is as they start they new life…at last!!!

We ate the top layer of the wedding cake just before they left!  It was DELICIOUS! 

2009-08-10 Eli and Julie 001

2009-08-10 Eli and Julie 002

2009-08-10 Eli and Julie 005

“There’s PLENTY of room here for my knees when I’m not driving,” says Eli after they re-arrange their stuff until he does!

2009-08-10 Eli and Julie 006

So away they drove into the wild blue yonder with the bumper clearing at least six inches from the ground and black smoke curling out of their tailpipe as they drove away! 

BUT, they made it!!!  We can’t wait for details and pictures!  We love you guys and are so excited for your dreams to come true! 


........ said...

You don't know me but I just had to tell you that I adore you! I have been so inspired by you as a mother and now find myself inspired by Shawni also through her blog. My mom gave me your book "A Joyful Mother of Children" a few years ago when I was feeling so overwhelmed by motherhood and it now tops my list of all time favorite books. I loaned it to someone else and have never seen it since :( but think of it often. I read it 3 times through and vow to find a copy again! Thank you for giving me hope when I needed it. With post-partum depression I felt so lonely then and your fun stories of raising your children and your positive attitude and tips were what saved me (and my kids) at the time. You were an answer to my prayers...

Misty Pidcock-UT

Linda said...

Hi dg darling! You made my day!