Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Clark Collection

The Jacobson Reunion (my dad’s family) was held on Friday, July 10th from 4-8.  The next day we went forth with a Clark reunion which is my mother’s side of the family.  That family started with the conversion of Daniel Clark in Colchester, England. After severe persecution for their choice to join the church, the family immigrated to London and then on to Salt Lake where they were called Brigham Young to colonize Star Valley, Wyoming.

Like the Jacobsons, they worked long and hard to clear the land and make a home in a hostile environment. Daniel and his wife had a son named Arthur Benjamin Clark, sho married Helen Ross (ancestory from Scotland) and they had a son named Arthur Raymond Clark who was my grandfather. He married wonderful Ida Weber and they had 10 wonderful children. In an earlier blog were included a few pictures of our trip with VerNon, Annette, Lenna, and VerNon’s son Gary and wife Belinda to Star Valley on Memorial Day to document the journey of that family. More thorough documentation coming on a CD soon.

The descendants of that family of ten were invited to spend an afternoon with us at the lake, and even though there weren’t too many who came,(If you call just Lenna’s and our family each with about 20 grandkids..not many), it was a joy to be with cousins we hadn’t spent enough time lately.  VerNon Griffeth, Aunt Alta’s son was in charge and did a fabulous job of arranging everything.  We had a great time with boats and lake toys and catching up with cousins and their kids.


Megan, Lindsay and Taunie

2009-07-05 Claytons and Bear Lake 078

2009-07-05 Claytons and Bear Lake 079

The Don Clark Family (Uncle Wilford’s son) 

2009-07-05 Claytons and Bear Lake 081

VerNon’s daughter Jana, trying to stop labor pains!And VerNon’s daughter-in-law Belinda (who I neglected to get a picture of) trying her best to start them!

2009-07-05 Claytons and Bear Lake 084

Julie, Eli, Shawni, VerNon and his wonderful wife Annette

2009-07-05 Claytons and Bear Lake 083

Austin, Jessica and Emma

2009-07-05 Claytons and Bear Lake 085The gorgeous next generation!

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