Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Jacobson Reunion!

On July 10th we had an extended family reunion of the Jacobson Family.  My Dad was Frederick LeRoy Jacobson, born in 1892, the third of ten children.  His grandparents were some of the first pioneers to settle in Bear Lake Valley, sent here by Brigham Young to colonize the valley in 1864. Through much hard ship, they settled in Bloomington my grandfather Frederick was the second child born in a little log cabin with a dirt floor covered with straw in the middle of a bitter winter with the canvas of their covered wagon serving as the door on 15 December 1867.  They had lost five children on their long journey from Demark. Grandma walked 1000 miles across the plains pregnant and delivered little Millie (the Osmond’s Great Grandmother) after reaching the Salt Lake Valey.

Though life was unbearable in the long cold winters and hot arid summers when the grasshoppers inhaled the crops and prompted many settlers to look for “greener pastures”, the Jacobsons toughed it out.

Grandpa Jacobson homesteaded a section of land and  and eventually raised purebred cows, feed for the animals, wheat for flour and a large vegetable garden, enough for his family and to share. Grandma Jacobson, a wonderful wife and mother lived the hard life of a pioneer woman without a complaint.

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From those roots came the Jacobson family with young Fred and his wife Nellie who were stalwarts of the community!  One thing Grandma Nellie loved was a good reunion on the shores of Bear Lake….so we decided that in her honor, it was time to continue the Jacobson reunion, which had experienced about a ten year hiatus!

In all that day we met cousins we had never known and entertained about a hundred men, women and children…mostly children!  It was so fun to reconnect with cousins descended from those ten Jacobson children. Of course, those were only a drop in the bucket of the literally thousands of relatives who now live because of their sacrifices!

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Every face has a story!  Too long to tell here.

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Norene and Kay are the REAL historians of the family!  How grateful we are for Kay’s fine memory and Norene’s thousands of hours of collecting stories and information of our ancestors with her mother Aunt Gladys, now collected in our family history book called “A Glorious Heritage”!

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Jonah and Aja said...

i really love reading those stories. i like even more that i know the stories and my memory is just being refreshed. thanks for reminding me. it's nice to come from such good blood.