Thursday, October 29, 2009

A BIG Birthday!

With a request for a quiet birthday, Dad/Rick aka Ricky did indeed turn 65!

The weather forecast was NOT good. The high in Park City on the actual birthday was 28 degrees with snow!



SO we had fun playing in the leaves at Charity’s house in Provo on the day before.  We were there for a delightful dinner with Stephen and Sandra Covey.  Stephen and Dad almost share a birthday, so it was a birthday dinner and a nice birthday present for us!



Gorgeous leaves at this old home of Hugh B. Brown.

Charity’s cute roommate Dani took some pictures for us!


On the actual day yesterday, we first had a quiet breakfast in bed and then we moved on to old tape recordings which I found in our recent move.


This is about one third of the tapes I found.  What treasures they hold!  I got to hear Dad’s missionary farewell which I had never heard before. It was amazing to hear his voice before I ever knew him 46 years ago! 

We also laughed at the cute British accents of the kids while we were on our mission in London from 1976-79. We remembered our fun times through the kids’ activities, hilarious comments by the kids and Christmas celebrations! 

We found old tapes made by Grampa and Grandma Jacobson who have been gone now for 30 and 15 years respectively.  Fun to have stories about Rick’s dad too who has been gone for about 50 years!

Family trips, funny recordings by the kids that they thought no one would ever hear, missionary farewells and homecomings were abundant! It was a feast for the ears!

With periodic stops to read the “Ten Things We Love About Dad/Grandfather” on the Internet as well as some perfect poems, from our great kids, we were joined for dinner (dad’s favorite part below)


by our one and only child close enough to come home for dinner….Charity!



You’ll be glad to hear that he can still puff out those candles on his favorite rendition of “Boston Cream Pie”  (Grandma Ruthie special)

All day and night we were treated to grandkids singing on the phone and skype renditions of kids in Halloween costumes as well as those continual lists of “things we love”coming in all day and night.  The last one came in from Noah at 2 a.m. his time!

After a few gifts, Rick/Dad was delighted that they had arranged to have the first game of the World Series AND the opening Jazz game for his birthday!  He was happy about the outcome of the World Series, not a bit happy about the Jazz game. 

This morning was the finale we had the wonderful privilege of attending the SL Temple with Charity. What a treat after reading Truman Madsen’s new book on the temple and spending Monday night with his wonderful wife Ann! 

Thanks to all who contributed to making a grand birthday for an amazing guy! 


Jonah and Aja said...

we love him

shawni said...

I'm so glad you took such great care of him on his big day. Love you guys~!

Anita and Tal said...

we really want to hear those tapes! We need to get them on MP3's or something soon!