Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grandma and Halloween

Well, today I went to visit Grandma. Took she and Kevan some food so they can keep working on the book and had so much fun! 


The whole time I was there, Kevan was on the computer working on a finale to the book.  He has a page that shows all the siblings, children and numbers of grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. The final number will be great and it will be such a great way to get everyone interested in buying the book!


We listened to part of Dad’s missionary farewell and Grandma was so excited to hear it. But several times after we started she kept saying, “now what is this?”  Cute grandma!  She was so thrilled to have Saren and the kids last week after the wedding (she remembered on her own Saren) and of course mentioned several times how thrilled she was to have Kevan working on the book with her. 

She has such a great attitude about dying!  She mentioned several times how glad she will be to join Dean as soon as she gets this history done.  When I said, “Well, we hope you get your wish, but you know it doesn’t always work out that way.”  Smiling, her response was, “so you want to get rid of me?”

Just as I was leaving I asked her about what she wanted to do about something in the future (I can’t even remember exactly what it was) and she pumped her little fist and smiled again saying, “Why don’t I just get out of here!” 

Now I’m home waiting for the Trick-or-treaters and watching the World Series (Dad finally got me hooked)!  Just to show you our eclectic neighborhood, it’s not everyone who gets to have a horse trick or treating:


Oops this little Zayden ducked!  Here he is with his parents (his mom has been lovingly taking care of our horses and his dad made our chimney cover for us) his grandma and MoJo!


We hope that all of Eyrealm had a wonderful Halloween!  Stuff in that candy! 

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