Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So here are a few pictures of the “after” the hurricane of three heaping truckloads to the DI, and many truckloads divided into “piles to Baliwood, piles to Bear Lake and piles to Kolob,” Our renters were happy to have our leftover furniture…some waiting to be moved and some used for their year and then we decide from there!

How about this for serendipity: Last night as we were showing our new renters the “quirks” of the house, we somehow started talking about their “green” friends when we somehow got to the fact that Jonah and Aja had just driven their “greasel” to their new home in Sequim, when our renter, Darren smiled and said, “i was born in Sequim!”  Weird!  He spent his childhood there.  If you have any questions, we can give you his number you Sequim Eyres!

Here’s a look at what is left and what is gone:


We didn’t leave the CD’s, just hadn’t moved them yet.



When Aja saw this fridge she said, “Oh my gosh, your fridge is white!”  Those pictures made it hard to tell!






Don’t worry, we had these carpets cleaned yesterday and they look great!



The cloud room and the downstairs guest room look just the same except we took the cradle and crib out as well as the pram and stored them in the work room.



We were glad for a place to store our bed!  And just look at our new “Office”


The only bad thing about this is that now that we’re moved out, we have to organize all that “stuff” into their new locations. After all the trips to the DI I don’t know how we could have any stuff left….but we do!

Dad was in charge of the garage, the balcony and moving all the stuff.  You can probably guess what he thought was most important…yep…painting the garage floor!  He did it in no time at all (because he’s a professional painter you know) and also painted the bottom of the cabinet and freezer to match!


So it’s goodbye for now! There is a mailbox on the wall outside the den (the wall leading to the garage) where they will deposit our mail and Eric stalled a way to get into the sliding door to the den on the balcony with a key so we’ll be back often…just don’t have to keep that crazy house clean and stock it with food anymore.  Heaven!  We’ll see what happens in a year! 



the roots said...

Man, this is heartbreaking in a lot of ways. I can't believe you were able to get all of that stuff out of there! Wow. What a place though! The house where I grew up! They better take good care of it. This is Eli, not sure why it say I am the roots.

Jonah and Aja said...

hey the roots! it's still pretty full...of memories. photos are awesome.

brittanimae said...

Wow! I can't believe how many memories I! have in that house!! How amazing is it that you were able to clear all of that stuff out? Congratulations!