Sunday, October 18, 2009

Philly and D.C.Follies


What fun we had this week, first revisiting history in Philadelphia as we enjoyed a terrific YPO group there and then taking the China Town bus on down to D.C. where we were delighted to find Eli and Julie’s new “digs” and some great stuff there as well!

For details on Philly, see the Valuesparenting blog, but just so you know that we had a LOT of fun, here is Dad cooking his Kobe beef on a hot rock in a beautiful Asian restaurant as well as getting soaking wet in a “noreaster” while also soaking in American History:



Eli and Julie’s place is just absolutely perfect for them…totally modern. The art by Julie and photography by Eli makes you feel as though you’re in a museum!  Eli said he would take pictures and send them today so you can see their perfect apartment! 


Here are “the guys” just outside the “pool room” where you can get free starbuck’s hot chocolate and herbal tea anytime!

Since Dad was totally entrenched in the new Dan Brown novel, much of which surrounds events and symbols at the Capitol, we immediately arranged a tour through the Capitol, which was fascinating for everyone, including Eli who had been an Intern with Orrin Hatch there four years ago and had run a hundred tours through that building himself!  They have built a whole new Visitor’s Center and created fabulous new exhibits!

Of course, the dome held special interest for dad (I guess we have to read the book to appreciate it)!


And I especially liked the painting of the pilgrims, since I am reading The Mayflower right at the moment. I also found one of one of the world’s greatest heroes…Raol Wallenberg!  He was a Swedish born diplomat who saved hundreds of thousands of Jews from the gas chambers during the war and it looks as though he was finally executed himself for his efforts.




After the Capitol we wandered over to the incredibly beautiful Library of Congress, where the architecture is to die for!  (photos compliments of Eli)







and quotes to live by:(photos compliments of dad)




We then drove out to McLean in Julie and Eli’s now famous Acura Legend and saw the house.  Dad visited with the renters while Julie, Eli and I shopped at the amazing Tyson’s Corner, which has grown so much that we had no idea where we were when we got there!  Maybe partly because of the rain, it seemed like the craziness of shoppers on Christmas Eve!  I bet there were literally a hundred thousand people in that mall!  We were crammed in there Elbow to Elbow…and Dad actually liked it! 

Next we took Dad home for a nap and Eli, Julie and I had a great time in the East Gallery of the National Gallery with lots of funky modern art and then we drove over to Chinatown, which has become a major yuppy urban center!  We found the most amazing Asian/French restaurant and just reveled in the ambience and fabulous food!


Spicy shrimp roll with crusty tempura


Roasted fig salad with concord grapes


The remains of Dad’s sashimi.  (He too the metro which is just outside Eli and Julie’s apartment to the National Gallery around the corner from the restaurant and joined us later). A great time was had by all! 


What a cool place!  Look at these “wall of roses behind our heads where we were sitting:



Church today was fascinating. What a wild, wonderful, eclectic group of Saints!  We loved meeting Eli and Julie’s fellow members and Dad even got to stand in on setting Eli apart in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency.

We’re now on our way home to organize a multitude of mess as we sort out where to put things in our new house, after the move from the old… and mop the floor, which hasn’t been done since the last guest left the Open House.

Better get it done fast, as we’re entertaining and training 8 women from Iraq on Wednesday night, which will prove to be a once in a lifetime educational experience!  The next morning I am having a brunch there for my visiting teaching ladies!  The fun never stops! 

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Anita and Tal said...

Looks like you guys had a blast in DC and Philadelphia. I want to hear how the training goes with the women from Iraq...