Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eyre Fire for Saren (and April)

The Power of Moms Retreat in St.George this weekend was simply spectacular! No one will ever know what it took to pull that off but Saren and April really did it!  There are professional training sessions for almost every career, except Motherhood…the most important career.  One that changes lives forever! 

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2248

Another wonderful presenter and web-site helper (Allyson) came from CA with April and did a terrific job!

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2249

It was so fun to have Shawni there too! So many of the moms there were her blog fans and it was so fun for her to put faces to names and for them to see her in person! She added so much to the conference. Her best friend from elementary school, Mindy Richards was even there.

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2265

It was so fun to do a session with our wonderful Saren and Shawni! ! can’t imagine what I’m saying here:


2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2262

Thirty amazing moms showed up to be filled with great ideas to contribute their own inspiring ideas.  They received tools to be not only better moms but better people inside the mom!  

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2254

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2257

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2252

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2256


Another fun surprise was seeing Tiffany Unwin who some of your Eyrealmers will recognize because we knew as a little girl when we lived in England (in the back in pink). She was not only there but is helping with the web site. Also two of Dave’s terrific cousins (Kara front and center) and Heather (at another table) were there. Too bad i didn’t catch everyone but you’ll see that later on Saren’s and Shawni’s blogs.

2010-06-11 POM Retreat and Lucy 2258


It was fun, inspiring and even exhilarating to see so many wonderful moms together working for the same cause…to be better moms and to teach other moms to love their jobs and be better moms as well!  This is just the first of many exciting retreats to come!


April Perry said...

We LOVED having you at the Retreat. You are so sweet, encouraging, down-to-earth, and fabulous. Thank you for your example. Love you!

Allyson said...

Ditto! It was such a thrill for me to finally meet the woman behind the books I've been reading for years. And an even bigger thrill to sit alongside you and share ideas. You are so gracious - thank you!

Laurie said...

Sister Eyre, It was such a pleasure to meet you at Saren's home and to hear you speak of your tried and true motherhood secrets. Thank you for your continued inspiration. I am looking forward to your forthcoming books and to hopefully visiting with you again at another Power of Moms retreat. Thanks again.

Jonah and Aja said...

go POM!

Anita and Tal said...

Nice work!