Sunday, June 13, 2010


Can you even believe that our dripping-with-passion-baby Charity is 24???

I left the Power of Moms Retreat a little early so that I could meet Dad for a birthday celebration in Provo with Charity. We had the most fun dinner party with she and Miffy (who was born on the same day) and Lucy (who came home with me from St. George because Shawni took a red-eye to join her family who had arrived in D.C. the day before for their big family vacation. She was an angel all four hours in the car! Wish you could have seen her running toward Chi Chi with her arms outstretched to wish her a Happy Birthday but this picture is almost as good.  She is one joyful little child!


2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2269 

We hadn’t celebrated with Miffy since the Bees game on their 21st birthdays because they both went on missions so it was so fun to see them back together!

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2275 

Dad showed up at the gourmet restaurant named Communal with his old maroon Harvard sweat shirt and his new red baseball cap from True Value!  Luckily he camouflaged all that with some beautiful flowers and some M&Ms. 

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2273 

Our baby flew into her 25th year by running ten miles on a sore knee and LOVING it!  If it hadn’t been so cold she wold have been dripping with sweat as well as dripping with passion (by the way, she also made time to go to the temple…that girl puts us all to shame!) 

How proud we are of our adorable, enthusiastic, renaissance woman, who seems to be able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to, find inspiring friends, be a delightful daughter, sister, granddaughter, favorite aunt and especially to love the Lord with all her heart!

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2274

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2277 

We love you back Charity! 

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Jonah and Aja said...

charity is the best! the kids were talking in the back of the car yesterday and said "camden is going to marry olivia and ana is going to marry raymond and elsie is going to marry tyson" elsie was quick to say "NO, i am going to marry chi-chi" cam told her she couldn;t because chi chi is in her family. elsie was hanging on josh all day today and she said "I'm going to marry you josh. i don't think your in my family" hows that for a comment? i got off track but it sounds a bit like a voice messgae from dad huh?