Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun with Lucy!

While the other Pothiers went to Washington D.C. for the week, we begged for Lucy to stay with us.  Boy did we have fun with that little girl!  And I think she had a pretty good time with Grammie and Grandfather too!

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2282

Bear meets Dora and Bear slippers meet Lucy! 

2010-06-12 POM Retreat and Lucy 2285

Lucy and her new best friend Michelle (Eric and Leo’s little girl) had a ball together!

2010-06-15 Lucy fun 2289

2010-06-15 Lucy fun 2294

We went to the “Jumpin’ Place” at the Basin Recreation Center and they had so much fun together!

2010-06-16 Lucy fun 2295

Time out for a little refreshment:

2010-06-16 Lucy fun 2302

2010-06-16 Lucy fun 2303

This girl can play soccer!  You should see her running across this big field of astro-turf kicking that ball all the way. I think she’s watched her sisters play soccer enough that she’s really got it! 

Today Shawni and I are at Duke University for conference on the syndrome that Lucy has.  We are excited to learn more and help this adorable little girl by being more educated to her needs. We’re so excited! 

Grandfather and I had the time of our lives with her this week! Our time alone with her was truly a treasure! Charity is there today and tomorrow Dad is taking her to visit with Grandma Great in Logan! 


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Anita and Tal said...

Looks like fun. I got to talk with Ellie, Grace, and Claire today on skype and I can't wait to talk with Lucy in a few weeks!