Friday, August 20, 2010

The Majesty of “The Cathedral”


Since I haven’t been on the horses this summer Dad sort of tricked me into coming out for a “little ride” on a day when I had 1000 things on my plate and it ended up being a three hour round trip ride to 10,000 feet in the air to what we call “The Cathedral”. 


Sorry about your head Lady but dad’s head was more important!

The Cathedral is part of an amazing organism at the top of that mountain where you would think that the air is so thin that nothing would grow. In reality there are the most amazing giant quakies all around that you feel as though you are in a cathedral. God’s handiwork is exraterrestrial there!  They, along with king-sized plants and flowers looked like a scene straight of Avatar. 

majesty of The Cathedral

I couldn’t get very good pictures because Duffy just would not hold still. On the way back down Duffy was in a hurry to get back home after that steep climb and while concentrating on climbing over a big log he smashed my knee into a tree. The crash took a scoop of skin off my arm and literally crushed my knee between him and a tree he hadn’t noticed on the side. You know how when you have an owie, it’s always the thing that gets hurt?  Well there you have it. I’m recovering nicely however and Dad thinks maybe it will totally fix my knee problem at some point in the future just like Lady did my back!

On the way up we almost literally ran into a big moose with a rack about 7 feet across. He was across the stream about 30 feet away and looked at us as though we were a time bomb about to go off so he didn’t dare move and neither did we.  We were kind of scared so we didn’t get a good picture. When we came back 2 hours later, he was still in the exact same spot eating leaves.  

This time he turned and looked at us like, “Oh those guys again? This is boring!” and walked off   You can see him in the upper third of the photo below if you look carefully.  Wish I knew how to quickly zoom in and so you could see that rack but alas, I only had my Iphone camera! He’s bigger than he looks!


Ah the beauty of the earth!



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eyre blog said...

wow wow wow! Linda you are such a great sport.

Jonah and Aja said...

well "fat chance" on the knee fixing thing as you would say. aja is in playing the piano. what an instrument the piano is! that is one pretty spot.

Shawni said...

looks like a gorgeous trip...I'm so sorry about your knee.