Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fabulous Mother’s Retreat!

Let’s face it! Everyone has career training but those who are engaged in the most important career…mothering!

In June, Saren, our oldest daughter and her gifted friend April Perry held the first ever Mother’s Retreat sponsored by their web site, PowerofMoms.com and have rave reviews from the moms who attended. 

Now that summer is over and the kids are back in school, they have carefully crafted two more retreats in different parts of the country. One is in California and the other in New England.  If you or anyone you know really needs a boost in their mothering career will you send the information below on to them? 

Here is what Saren has to say about this inspiring project:

“You can get a lot from mom-blogs and chatting with other moms when you get a chance - but there's nothing like a weekend of facilitated learning and sharing and laughing with other moms who take the profession of motherhood seriously. Learn how to really feel organized and more balanced along with other mothers who feel the need to hone their skills as mothers.

“Here's one of my favorite quotes from a Retreat attendee:

"I can't say enough good things about the Retreat I just attended. I came away a seriously changed person and mom. I mean I was a pretty decent mom before - but now I feel like I've got the direction and tools I needed to really become the mom I want to be. Plus it was so gratifying to meet all these other great moms who are as deliberate about motherhood as I am. I would have paid 10x as much for what I got from this Retreat and I'm telling every mom I know that they just HAVE to go to a Retreat if they possibly can. It'll change your life."

(To read more quotes click here. To read a full report of our last Retreat from Shawni - with lots of great photos - click here.)”

Our two upcoming Retreats are on opposite sides of the country so most people can get to one or the other with a not-too-long flight or drive. Check out these beautiful locations and click on the links below the photos to learn all the details - and please spread the word!

How beautiful is this Resort?  It's near John Wayne Airport and right between LA and San Diego.  I'm so excited to present with my dear friend and Power of Moms partner April plus some other amazing moms including one mom of 13! 

"Get Organized" Southern California Retreat: September 17-18 (slots are filling fast so hurry!)

There are a few discounted tickets for those who register first.  Click HERE to register for these discounted tickets.

This historic hotel on New Castle Island (near Portsmouth and 1 hour from the Manchester or Boston airport) will be such a fun place for a Retreat!  We'll be there at the peak of the famous New England fall foliage (picture all those trees orange and yellow and red).  I miss New England and can't wait to go back for this Retreat (plus I get to present with my wonderful sister Saydi and my great new cyber-friend Sarah Turner).

New England Retreat: October 22-23 (Registration closes September 15th).  
I sure hope that some of you can make it to one of these Retreats - I'd love to meet you! And please help spread the word to other moms who you think would be interested. I bet they'll thank you.

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