Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Only one NYC!

Of course one of the main reasons that we go to NY in September other than to play tennis on the grass courts is to go to the US Open.  Do you think we’re just a little on the OCD side on tennis?  We do love the festive atmosphere and saw some fun matches in beautifully warm but windy weather!

2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3897

2010-09-08 NYC, McKay 3894

After stomping my feet a bit about being a bit too sports oriented, Rick relented and we got tickets to The Screwtape Letters, which we LOVED! For one hour the man who played Screwtape never quit bringing the Screwtape letters to life. So thoughtful and stimulating!

Afterward Gordon picked us up in his car and we went to get some heavenly gelato. Gordon always to has a lot of interesting things to say and interesting people to talk about. It was a fun couple of hours.

The next day we did some catching up on some work at the Imagine Learning apartment. Although Anita and Tal had gone to AZ for a Care for Life Board Meeting we did get to spend Tuesday night with them at a very interesting documentary called “Abraham’s Children” produced by a Swiss film maker. A very interesting look into the Muslim world. Afterward we enjoyed some great thai food with both couples at Noah and Krisit’s apartment. FUN night! 

We did get a chance to go to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). As the years go by, Dad gets even more eccentric.  You just never know what he’s going to do. In this case he decided that he’d like to see the exhibits from a different view so he asked for a wheelchair!

2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3920

The art, as always was splendid!  We saw Hazel’s favorite Matisse


2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3911

and one of my favorite Kandinskys


2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3914

Of course the design rooms are also fun


2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3924


At the very same time we were at the MOMA on the East coast  Charity was at the MOMA on the West coast in San Francisco. For an exciting in-depth lesson on the wonders of modern art check out her blog here.

Next we headed for Central Park where Dad went from the wheel chair to biking through Central Park. The wind was whipping my hair so hard that I couldn’t even see where I was walking let alone where I would be biking so I opted for FAO Schwarz which is always fun!

As I was standing there in an avalanche of toys, a man next to me asked the sales person, “Is this where I can find the stuffed animals?”  The sales person said, “Yes,” and without cracking a smile he said, “Is this all?”  And the answer to that was actually “No, if you make a 360 you can see nothing but stuffed animals!”  

2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3928


In other departments there were a few dolls too!

2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3930

as well as a Harry Potter department complete with sorting hats!

2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3936

Then it was dinner in the food hall in the basement of the Ritz and on to one of the best Broadway plays we’ve ever seen…A Little Night Music.

Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch are absolutely amazing!  The message isn’t as inspiring as Wicked but the acting dancing, script, dry humor, music were fantastic! It’s the first time we’ve every seen an instantaneous spontaneous standing ovation in a New York theatre.


2010-09-10 911, agent, apple picking  3942

On Saturday Noah (who had been in Orange County for three days) Kristi and the kids picked us up in their zip car minivan and we had the most fun in the country picking apples!

Here we are in the hay wagon on our way to the orchards:


2010-09-11 911, agent, apple picking  3944

There’s nothing like being up in a tree!


2010-09-11 911, agent, apple picking  3952


2010-09-11 911, agent, apple picking  3950

2010-09-11 911, agent, apple picking  3964

A great time was had by all!

On Sunday morning we found a 9 am sacrament meeting in Inwood so we could catch our plane and it turned out to be a Spanish Ward. We met lots of nice people and loved seeing that beautiful, quiet neighborhood.


We’re home at last and on to a big week here with lots of things coming up! More on that in another post!  Are we blessed or what?


charity eyre wright said...

mom you are the absolute coolest. the wheelchair thing made me laugh out loud so hard. he really does get more and more eccentric. can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

FXOpenIndia said...

what a great week

Eli said...

nice mom. i don't know how you put up with dad sometimes. what a funny man. you guys are the best. love you.