Friday, September 24, 2010

A Changing World

There is a symbol that we noticed as we have traveled through Bali that permeates their temples, community centers and homes everywhere.  We liked it so much that we had it carved into the edge of our Balinese tables and  our front door is covered with it.

2010-09-23  bali symbol and fall 3995


It is a symbol that means “Life is Always Changing”.

So true!  Children are only the age they are for one day and then they’re another day older. Life is never exactly the same so we have to catch the moments as they come!




Charity came home from San Francisco last weekend for her best friend’s wedding. These two have been together from day one of their lives. What great memories they have of growing up together.


But now that Jane is married, the friendship is still strongly intact but in some ways…changed!


Still great…but different! 


2010-09-16 911, agent, apple picking 3975


Soon this will be Charity in someone else’s arms!


2010-09-16 911, agent, apple picking 3972


As if that weren’t enough, the seasons are also changing!  The undergrowth on the hill across from our house looks very different than it did in the spring when it felt as though we lived in verdant Switzerland!

2010-09-19 911, agent, apple picking 3992 

And the quakies are starting to turn yellow.

2010-09-19 911, agent, apple picking 3987 

And the mums are out!

2010-09-19 911, agent, apple picking 3986 

You gotta love the changing of the seasons!

One of the most pervading changes in our society is the “in your face” sexually promiscuous media. When we were in New York last week, we saw the sign below everywhere! To see this when we were young adults would have been unthinkable. Even today it almost breathtaking.  If my mother (who was born in 1905) would have seen it, she probably would have died of embarrassment and fainted on the spot!


2010-09-12 911, agent, apple picking 3969

I’m referring to the sign, not the advertisement for the movie (which is pretty crazy in its own right)!  Dad did call the number and was just a bunch of “if you are a straight female touch 1, if you are a gay male, touch 2 etc. etc.

What a world!

We are so grateful for the guidance of the scriptures and the anchor of a living prophet who guides us and gives us direction that helps us to live happy, healthy lives.  Because….the world is precarious and always changing!


kms said...

It is troubling to see religions attacked through the media. Misuse of a nun's habit. Attack on Catholicism.

{Brittany} said...

Thank you for this post! Life is changing, but so many of the values we need to instill in our families are not.

I've been wanting to write you a letter or e-mail for sometime now to thank you for your wisdom. This "comment" doesn't seem adequate.

I was rummaging through some old books at my parents house a few months ago and found your book, "A Joyful Mother of Children." Not only is your book still completely relevant with a million great ideas, but it was highlighted by my own Mother...priceless.

Even more priceless, my Grandmother had given her this book with the most precious note on the inside cover to my Mother. This book; your book, has become a treasure to me.

Thank you for inspiring three generations of women. You, your husband and family are truly incredible examples.

Thank you!

shawni said...

Yes life sure is changing every day. It makes me crazy and wish it would stop whipping by so darn fast. Sure love you!!

Sheila said...

My husband and I were recently in NYC and saw this sign everywhere as well. So disturbing.
It has been fun to see your posts about NYC because we have spent a bit of time there as my husband's sister and her family live there. It sure is a different way of life that what we are used to, and what an interesting place to raise kids! They live in Upper Manhattan as well.

Love your books!