Saturday, October 30, 2010

Viva la Mexico!

We had such a great time in Mexico City, the biggest city in the world with 25 million inhabitants!  Our hosts there were spectacular people with three beautiful children. Paola (Paula) is a magnificent cook and we were treated to an amazing dinner at their home on the night of our arrival. I can't turn this picture around. I know it's strange quality because it was sent via blackberry on one of the guests' phones as I forgot my camera. Even my Apple genius couldn't figure out how to turn this crazy picture around, so turn your computer around if you're interested.

Our darling hostess Paola took us to a the old part of the city where we enjoyed a beautiful cathedral and a museum dedicated to two of Mexico's most famous artists...Diego Rivera and his wife Frida. It was an amazing piece of property!  Look at the amazing Aloe Vera plants on steroids! 

One wild thing about Mexico is these wild hairless dogs!  They are rare and several are kept at the museum. One of these dogs is a statue (the one facing you) the others love being being in, under and around them.  Weird!

Paola took us to a fun place which is the Venice of Mexico City. In ancient times all the "streets" were water. There are enough left that this place is flooded on weekends. Paola plans to have her birthday party on two of these boats hooked together.  

Some musicians showed up and provided some great entertainment! 

MEXICO CITY IS A SPECTACULAR CITY! We felt very safe and loved learning about the history of this amazing place!

With the crown of victory in her right hand and the chain of bondage broken this is a beautiful monument to the revolution!

 Below is a poor guy being tortured (feet burning) by Cortez' guys so that he'd tell them about Montezuma's treasure....of which there was none!

 More monuments of liberty and the bi-centennial of the revolution: 

 In addition they had just had the big Independence Day Parade and the fabulous paper mache' figures from the parade were still on display in the promenade. So Mexico!  Imaginative and Creative! 

Gorgeous Opera House being renovated 

In the beautiful downtown there endless architecturally amazing buildings. Very impressive! 

And this is without the doubt the most amazing anthropology museum in the world! 
This is the central waterfall holding up an enormous canopy! 

The museum would take days to inhale!  Simple amazing!

No flashes allowed but this is Dad standing by Quezekotal, the great feathered god, which he got a replica of for his birthday! 

In this downtown Cathedral (which is sinking) the light did shine on the soon to be birthday boy:

The best part of course were the delightful people who hosted us. We had a wonderful night meeting with about forty couples and then a breakfast meeting the next morning where we discussed parenting in more detail. All seemed to have terrific families and were involved in a lot of charitable giving! 

And did they ever surprise him with a delightful and perfect birthday cake.  They sang both the American AND the Mexican birthday songs. What great folks! 
We got home just in time to do just what Rick wanted for his birthday: watch the World Series!

What a guy!  What a trip!  A birthday to remember!

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